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Best Review - Top 3 Reasons Don Cornelius May Have Commited Suicide

  • Deno52   25 weeks 3 days ago
    This was a great article I read about Don Cornelius, you have not heard a lot about him since his death. It was well written, well worded and to the point about what was going on in his life, right before he took his on life. Good job!!!

Best Review - Top 10 Coolest Movies of 2017

  • Brandster LLC   41 weeks 3 days ago
    I love these movies
  • moe   2 years 35 weeks ago
    You should add "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" to your list.

Best Review - Top 4 Highest paying sites for Freelancers

  • Daisy   2 years 3 days ago
    Hi! I think it'll make sense if you mention other places where people can find freelancers/freelance jobs. For example, XPlace. It's a freelance job board with higher rates than on other marketplaces, no commission, and a multitude of freelance job offers!

How Much Money Does MEFTAH LOUIZA Make?

  • candys lover   2 years 21 weeks ago
    I am honored. (:

How Much Money Does Donald Trump Make?

  • zzorrrro   2 years 40 weeks ago
    While you're busy gawking at the numbers performing their dance there's a tid bit little question concerning the word "earn". You can earn all you want but the telling line is income or better yet, net income. Let's post that figure if we can and then you'll have me gawking or laughing. Whichever is most appropriate.


Best Review - Top 10 Thoughts on creating a Top Ten

  • Wessam moustafa   2 years 47 weeks ago
    Very nice :)
  • james   3 years 45 weeks ago
    Hey, nice tips nonetheless ! :-) At least you didn't settle for a mere Top 3 like many others :-)

How Much Money Does Dale Earnhardt jr. Make?

  • ryangogo   2 years 50 weeks ago
    I would love to make this kind of money any day.

Best Review - Top 5 Things Strict Parents Do

  • drjoe35   3 years 18 weeks ago
    this country back then had strict parents and that is what helped shape this country to been the greatest country in the world. but now following rules are a problem and this is why america today has all this kids acting crazy and the country has 2.3 millions inmates most in the entire world yet the united states is only 5 percent of the population. this lack of morality and of dont follow your strict parents and all this freedom promotion is what is leading this country in the wrong path and kids today lack morals and decency and live to rebelliousness and are not God fearing. It is scary to see these new generation lost and in the wrong path

Best Review - Top 12 Best Earning Answers at Webanswers

  • Dave   3 years 19 weeks ago
    Just ran across your post about WebAnswers. it was nice while it lasted, but unfortunately, things have changed. WebAnswers has been mostly down and unreachable since September 2. Very few members have been able to log in and post anything since then. Google has been actively deindexing the entire site. Barely 5% is left to go. Once pages are deindexed, they no longer come up when people search the topics. If customers cannot find the pages, they cannot click any ads. Most members who have been able to get on the site have been talking about zero earnings. There are a growing number of problems with the site that all indicate it is near death. Deindexing, down time, dwindling participation, very few new members, very low traffic, no revenue, etc. etc. It cannot last much longer. I can no longer recommend this site to anyone. Use the downtime to bid the site farewell and move on to bigger and better opportunities.

Best Review - Top 5 Best of the Beatles-Justin Bieber-Taylor Swift-Lady Gaga-Quotes

  • BrianMc   3 years 23 weeks ago
    Still popular quotes from famous celebrities

Best Review - Top 3 Best Tea Brands

  • BrianMc   3 years 23 weeks ago
    Love this review, very informative! Now I know that there is other teas than Earl Grey

Best Review - Top 3 Articles to Help New WebAnswers Members Make Money at WebAnswers

  • a visitor   3 years 24 weeks ago
    WebAnswers has always been a legitimate site and google has always made payments reliably on time. I joined the site back when the average member was easily earning $100 or more per month. I had reached $400 per month by my 7th month on the site. Unfortunately, problems began with the introduction of the "new" referral program back in January 2011. I posted my first warning of disaster by February 2011. I am sad that time since has proven worse than my predictions. Way too many members wrote blogs and promotions that exaggerated potential earnings without explaining the real need for quality content. No one went out using the referral program to get the customers to ask any questions, just come and earn easy money. The response was huge, but unfortunately, most who responded to those posts are not able to post quality content. The site was flooded with garbage content and hundreds of low quality members were and still are deleted as their posted junk is detected. Many then turned around and began declaring the site was a fraud or scam even though they were deleted due to their own low quality content. Unfortunately, the first of the Google Panda Reviews came after much of that content was posted and the site got slapped hard. My own revenue dropped to barely $20 for the month after that first review and has never climbed back to what it once was. Google provided a list of countries as a result of that first Panda program that were banned from Adsense at that time. Many members from those countries lost their Adsense accounts which drove them away from WebAnswers. There has been a huge slide for the entire site since then. It now appears there is no potential for repair or return to the glory days. There are many online sites that estimate the value of websites. Although they each use their own collection of data and the estimated valuations vary widely, all of them indicate the estimated value of WebAnswers has dropped by well beyond 90% since 2011. The daily new member signups have consistently dropped by 50% per year since 2010. There are now fewer new daily signups than there were when the site was first launched (55 per day). The current rate (29 per day) is 92% below the site lifetime averages (363 per day). Members join and leave as fast as they join. Barely one person out of every 8550 who join is still interested in the site. The rest are not interested. The site has a list of 1,035,426 members. 1,035,301 of them are not around. What did they see that you are missing? I made good money on WebAnswers when it was working as designed. The site is still legitimate, but there is no one who could truly claim the revenue is still worth the time and effort it takes to produce it. I can no longer recommend the site to anyone I know. Use the current downtime to bid farewell to the site and move on to better opportunities.

Best Review - Top 4 Hobbies make you smarter.

  • 893sp   3 years 28 weeks ago
    Nice one--o.k.

Best Review - Top 5 Advise of Tips to Step off Your Originator Bustle

  • 893sp   3 years 28 weeks ago
    I hope that this will be the good tips to help on going your new job & nice planned interview with your nice organisation..

Best Review - Top 10 Best Paid Soccer Players in 2014

  • RaulGutierrez1   3 years 33 weeks ago
    During the 2014 campaign year, many players have generated income that surpasses many. The list goes accordingly in order: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Rinaldo, and Neymar taking the foremost spots. However, even though income aligned itself with talent and superiority, it does, at least all the times, have correlation with results. The 2014 World Cup tournament demonstrated that even the modest of teams could unleash heart into the game as seen through their unthinkable wins as was the case with Costa Rica reaching the quarter finals.

How Much Money Does Sudharmono Make?

How Much Money Does keshav chauhan Make?

Best Review - Top 6 Upcoming Comic Book Movies You Might Not Know About

  • arthurchappell   3 years 45 weeks ago
    Interesting to see speculation on a movie not due out for five years

Best Review - Top 20 Most romantic pick-up lines

  • Pick up lines   3 years 45 weeks ago
    These the most amazing pick up lines website I've ever visited.

Best Review - Top 3 Reasons Why I'm In Love With The Walking Dead

  • james   3 years 52 weeks ago
    Hi, I also enjoyed it. What I don't like is having to wait for new episodes now that I have caught up with the seasons and episodes, but it was good when I had 3 seasons to watch in one (well several times 3 or 4 episodes at a time) go. What I like is that no one episode is the same. I can't really see a structure to each episode or season. It was the exact same feeling with breaking bad. On the other hand Dexter was good but it was too easy to see the pattern in episodes and seasons (a big boss per season and a Dexter murder in each episode) I like the unpredictability of Walking Dead (I have never read the comic thanksfully) even if the psychological drama can get on my nerves sometimes like this whole episode about the young blond girl in the hostpital lately, it was useless waste of show time, with no zombies or even action, and in the next episodes she dies anyway. :-) At least Rick is still alive and kicking since he woke up in that hospital :-)

Best Review - Top 5 Birdman is a powerful movie

  • supercibor   4 years 5 weeks ago
    This isa movie to be seen many times because there are so many layers in the story.

Best Review - Top 15 Drupal questions about modules, themes, views, etc.

  • snerfu   4 years 15 weeks ago
    Hello Alliax, it is great reading about tech stuff and I loved this. Good going.

Best Review - Top 5 Biggest cities in the Netherlands

  • snerfu   4 years 15 weeks ago
    Hello SilentForce, You have given us a great article here. I really enjoyed reading about it.

Best Review - Top 5 Strongest and Powerful armies 2014

  • James Soldier   4 years 27 weeks ago

How Much Money Does Ellen Degeneres Make?

  • Jack   4 years 31 weeks ago
    Ellen first came out and told everyone she was gay, was I impressed no but if she would have came out and said she was donating $ 10,000,000 for homeless shelters and food banks I would be impressed. Hay Ellen I don't give a crap if your gay or a tranny or cross dresser.

How Much Money Does Lionel Messi Make?

  • anjili   4 years 31 weeks ago
    It seems like Lionel Messi literary mints money

Best Review - Top 7 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

  • Robinsh   4 years 32 weeks ago
    I also runs some blogs and now they are receiving enough traffic to do monetization and thanks for compiling such a helpful article here from where I'm going to select the methods that can help me and my blog network in covering the expenses.

How Much Money Does John Bryant, President/CEO of Kellogg Company Make?

  • a visitor   4 years 48 weeks ago
    Bryant make more than the president of the United States !!

Best Review - Top 6 Prints From My Surrealist Art

  • BrianMc   5 years 8 weeks ago
    Really enjoyed checking out your artwork! Too bad you couldn't include a image in each of your top 6, my personal favorite is "An Insignificent Race" and then "The Piano Player"! Keep up the great work!

Best Review - Top 10 Rated Baby Strollers of 2011

  • thriftgirl62   5 years 9 weeks ago
    The perfect stroller is the Emmaljunga Pram and comes from Sweden. I special ordered a red one for my son in 1987 and was still in perfect shape when my daughter was born in 1991. It was $399 well spent although it was a little cumbersome when folding and lifting it in or out of the trunk.

Best Review - Top 3 X-men and Wolverine Stories for 2013

  • Zentao01   5 years 19 weeks ago
    I agree, Bryan Singer is a pretty damn good director. Wasn't crazy about the Supes movie either. But he has done more right than wrong. Really looking forward to his next shot at the Xmen: Days of future past.
  • drjoe35   5 years 24 weeks ago
    Bryan singer is a good director but he is not always right as we saw with the Superman returns movie which was pretty horrible. He did not provide a villain for this movie and it failed. yes his xmen movies have been good but his superman movie was terrible. out of all the super hero movies i have seen superman returns is the only super hero movie i can say was pretty bad. i found the first wolverine movie to be good.

Best Review - Top 3 ways to remove Superfish / WindowShopper crap from Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE) and Chrome

  • james   5 years 20 weeks ago
    Yes thriftgirl62, only those who have this adware/malware/crap installed see the spam.. Don't worry, other users see the normal stuff.
  • thriftgirl62   5 years 22 weeks ago
    I had heard of Superfish but didn't know how it got on our ecommerce site several months ago. It kept showing competitors products next to ours but I finally found superfish installed with Chromes' "similar sites" defaulted to on so nobody knows it's even being installed or where it comes from. Does that mean everyone who came to our site also saw "see similar" next to every product image they looked at? Or was that just on my computer? It's gone now but it sure was annoying. Thanks - great TOPS btw.

Best Review - Top 4 Cash Back Sites

  • onegoodman29   5 years 21 weeks ago
    It would be great to update this list with new cash back sites like fatwallet and pandacashback

Best Review - Top 10 Totally Free Online Dating Sites

  • praise911   5 years 22 weeks ago
    Thanks for the list of free online dating sites!

Best Review - Top 3 Vacation Rentals in Branson

  • praise911   5 years 22 weeks ago
    sounds and look like a very relaxing place to spend a vacation.

Best Review - Top 3 Steps to De-Stress

  • praise911   5 years 22 weeks ago
    Positive words are very powerful! enjoy your life and be happy.

Best Review - Top 10 Best iPad Keyboards

  • praise911   5 years 23 weeks ago
    very interesting
  • Ianthetechman   5 years 35 weeks ago
    The apple keyboard is easily the best one to use with the ipad, so long as you don't mind having to also carry a stand of some sort also.

How Much Money Does President Obama Make?

  • praise911   5 years 23 weeks ago
    Wow! that is a lot of money.

Best Review - Top 10 Best Eyelash Growth Serum

  • Jennifer   5 years 23 weeks ago
    My friend gifted me Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum and its the best gift I ever had. I have longer and healthier eyelashes now, all thanks to my friend. She bought it from SPAM SITE REMOVED

Best Review - Top 5 Online Survey Sites to Earn Extra Cash!

  • praise911   5 years 23 weeks ago
    Very helpful list, I will have to pass on to my co-workers and friends.

Best Review - Top 7 Decorating Ideas for Small Modern Bathrooms

  • praise911   5 years 23 weeks ago
    Great idea also sounds affordable and that is always a plus!

Best Review - Top 3 Perseen

  • praise911   5 years 23 weeks ago
    Perseen, I have never heard of it before, but it sounds very interesting

Best Review - Top 5 About Adsense Videos

  • PearsonIvy   5 years 33 weeks ago
    I would like to propose not to hold off until you earn big sum of money to order different goods! You can take the home loans or just short term loan and feel yourself fine.

Best Review - Top 5 Best Pinterest Boards

  • Tyler Headey   5 years 35 weeks ago
    The "best easy recipes" board has got to be my favorite. I love cooking and so learning new recipes through Pinterest will be awesome. I am also happy to know that there's a board dedicated solely for the lovely Marilyn Monroe. - Tyler, best ebook site