tourist attractions in cairo - Egypt
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The Arab Republic of Egypt is an Arab country. Egypt is considered as the world's oldest historical Land of civilizations. It has been the oldest of the world civilizations since 7000 BC, and these civilizations have been characterized by their diversity and continuity for centuries. The Pharaonic, Roman, Greek, and Byzantine civilizations emerged. In...
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Have a look at the most expensive cars in the world, And let me tell you that its not your normal salary friendly costing cars, These are more like your life savings in a car! I do hope you enjoy this list!
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Egypt is one of the most important and beautiful tourist country. Must on every tourist had repeatedly Giza to see the three pyramids, the province of Alexandria, where the beaches of the Mediterranean and the Library of Alexandria, and enjoy the beauty of the monuments in Luxor and Aswan, where temples and monuments. And coral reefs that are in the coast...
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Trolling the internet every once in awhile you run into a conspiracy so great you cannot imagine it to be true. I have 3 videos of the top 3 Illuminati Conspiracy Theories that you may or may not have heard of. When talking conspiracies it is always up to the provider to prove the theory with evidence and then the conspiracy turns into reality. Get ready...
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Strongest and Powerful armies 2014
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Last days all channels of the world, in different countries and in different languages , are showing the same videos , same news of what happening in the Middle east, Iraq, Gaza, and in the west of the Ukraine. Wars, Revolutions, protests... In cafes , restaurants, gyms even at work we are talking only about that, and asking ourselves : Why war ? who is doing...
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How Much Money Does Portia Simpson Miller Make?

Portia Simpson Miller is the current Prime Minister of Jamaica. She became head of state in 2006, taking over from then Prime Minister Percival James Patterson. She served as Prime Minister from March 30, 2006 to September 11, 2007 and was re-elected to serve office in January 2012, her second term. Her salary has increased by 50% for her second term...
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Almost everyone is talking about only one thing is world really going to end in 2012? People are really confused about it and everyone have their own opinions. According to me, I think that's all BS and world will never end unless humans only wish to. So let me put this straight here we have 3 reasons why world will not end in late 2012. You are about...
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The world now is in chaos and if you are looking for great stories that talks about world Wars then check the list of World War stories worth to read.
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Memorial day is very essential to most Americans. Memorial day brings the past as the topic for new discussion. So here are top 3 Memorial day stories worth to read. Bring back the past to your Memorial day forums and meetings.
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