Can we use Google Analytics tracking on our accounts?

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Can we use Google Analytics tracking on our accounts?

Hi James - I love using Best-Reviewer, and I wish I could see stats like what Google Analytics provides. Is there any way to put our Google Analytics html code in our account profile or individual tops so we can track our traffic statistics like keywords etc? Thanks

Hello, that would be a nice feature, I need to find a template code for that, so that users will have to simply add their analytics identifier (don't know if they need one or two) and I would insert that into the template code on their tops and profile page.
The thing is that to do this I have to start from zero, find a tutorial or some explanation and then adapt it to my site.
It is possible to do it for sure, just need the motivation to do it. At the moment I'm in Thailand, but still living in the hotel and looking for a permanent accomodation, so I'm not doing any work online, just enjoying my time and looking for that accomodation by visiting several already.

I'll make sure when I'm settled down to go back to working on best reviewer because there are several things that I need to change/add on this site, so once I'm back into the code files, I'll probably add the feature you ask since it's not the first time I've read about this being asked.

Thanks James. I also write on Squidoo and they just added this feature, and it's great. I just had to make a new user account inside my google analytics account, which then gave me a script code which showed my unique tracking number for that domain. I then entered my number in my squidoo profile in the form of UA-xxxxxxxx-x. (From a user's perspective, its as easy as adding my adsense id. However, I know from the website developer perspective it will take a lot more work!) Enjoy your time in getting settled in in Thailand!

READERS: If anyone knows how to do this, or where James can find a tutorial so he can implement this feature on Best-Reviewer, please comment! THANKS!

Funny thing, I came here looking for exactly the same information.
Enjoy Thailand.

It looks like this is becoming more and more in demand. I have a copy of HTML code, but I don't know what to do with it. Would it help? I'm not a developer or web host so I don't know much about this stuff yet.

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