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ey, guys, We are Going To Learn how to get rid of Insomnia.

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Sunlight is very important to protect the physical harmony with the circadian clock or day-night cycle. Walk out you're house after one hour of sleep. The body will have the opportunity to consumption light from the sun. Because there is a relation between the brain's chemical element and its exposure to sunlight.

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Depending on how long it will be and how good it is to sleep, depending on how often we can adhere to the time of going to sleep and the right time to wake up. Whether it is working day or holiday-every day, it should be practiced to sleep and wake up at the same time.

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Temperature control:

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Bedrooms and body temperature are also important for good sleep. If the bedroom temperature is too high or too low sleep problems can occur. The standard temperature of the bedroom is 20 degrees Celsius. It will also help reduce your body temperature.

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Relationships Between sleeping:

Lying in bed, watching television and playing games should be avoided. A bed is a place to sleep, it can be easy to sleep if you can understand this topic.

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Reduce light and noise:

Our mind builds sleeping relationships with the darkness of the night. So before sleeping, create a dark environment by dragging the screen of the house. The noisy environment also prevents you from sleeping.

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Exercise and Yoga

The stress of everyday life has a negative effect on sleep. Those who exercise regularly, they can fall asleep quickly. And Yoga and meditation practitioners breathe deeper or deeper. As a result, you can fight against stress, effectively, it is better to sleep.

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Clean bed:

The study found that clean bed sheets are important for better sleeping. According to the researchers, "75 percent of people sleep better if the bed cover is clean."

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Proper food:

There is a problem with sleeping when eating more sugar. You can eat hot milk, feel the peace. The dinner should be eaten cereals and rice. Which creates serotonin hormones, so sleep is better.

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Reading books:

Reading good books before sleeping But before sleeping, watch television, mobile or tablet and should not play games at all. Because all the machines emit the electric light, they waste your ability to sleep in the brain.

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