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he world of photography is vast and there are many different disciplines and areas, including product phototgraphy, landscape photography, motorsprots photography and wildlife phootgraphy amongst others. Check these out for some top tips and general advice in specific areas.

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Top tips for landscape photography

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With a bit of practice it is quite easy to take some good landscape and nature photographs. However, some people want to develop their photography skills and take stunning landscape images that are going to wow and amaze.

This article explores the different aspects of landscape photography and provides some tips and advice on how you can take your landscape photography to the next level.

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How to nail your exposures each and every time

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The key and fundamental concept that underpins photography is exposure. It is important that all photographers learn what an exposure is and learn how to control it. You must know how to adjust the exposure, how much to adjust the exposure by and when to adjust the exposure to achieve the creative effects you are after.

This article looks at the concept of exposure and provides some advice and tips on how you can improve your exposure to ensure you nail it every time

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How to take stunning cityscapes at night

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Cityscapes are spectacular during the day, however as the light starts to fade and the hours of darkness sets in cities and towns become magical places and when the cities light up the photo opportunities are endless. Arguably, cities and towns look most enchanting and attractive at night and this is the best time to get the camera out and get some stunning cityscape shots.

Photographing cityscapes at night presents many issues the photographer has to overcome. Some of these issues, like the lack of light and need for a tripod are obvious there are, however, some issues that are not so obvious.

This article explores low light and night time cityscape photography and explains some of the issues that must be considered and overcome to get those stunning night time shots.

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How to take photos of animals in zoos and safari parks

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Many people do not have the time or the money to travel the world in search of exotic animals to photograph. Photographing wild animals can be very challenging. Wild animals are free to roam their surroundings and unpredictable.

Zoos and safari parks allow photographers the opportunity to get up close and personal to these exotic animals and photograph them. Whilst the animals are not in their natural surroundings it is possible to get photographs of captive animals that could easily be mistaken for being out in the wild.

Even though the animals are confined to a pen and you are certain to see them taking photographs of animals in zoos and safari parks does present other challenges that must be considered and overcome.

This article explores the issues surrounding photographing animals at zoos and safari parks and gives some tips and advice in how to overcome them so you can get some awesome images. If you want to take your captive animal photography to the next level check this out.

Top 5

How to shoot highly refelctive scenes

Taking correctly exposed photographs of highly reflective scenes, such as a snowy winter wonderland or a sun soaked beach, can be very challenging. Highly reflective scenes will easily fool the camera’s internal metering system which can lead to over or under exposed images.

In order to take stunning photographs of highly reflective scenes you need to have a thorough understanding of your camera’s internal metering system and how to adjust your camera settings in to ‘fooling’ it to take correctly exposed photographs.

This article looks at how to shoot highly reflective scenes, so check this out to ensure you get correctly exposed scenes first time, every time.

Top 6

How to take phootgraphs of still lives and products

Still life and product photography can often present many different challenges. If you are looking for some tips and advice to improve your still life and product photography images look no further than this.

Top 7

How to use you digital SLR in full manual mode

Using full manual mode on a digital SLR may seem daunting at first. This article provides some advice and tips on using full manual mode helping you to get the most out of it.

Top 8

How to take great wildlife photographs

Wildlife photography is a challenge, although it is possible to get some great wildlife shots. This article gives some tips and advice that should help you get some amazing wildlife photographs.

Top 9

How to take great photographs of white birds

Taking pictures of white birds is a challenge, as it is not uncommon for them to appear grey in the picture. This article explores why this happens and provides advice and tips on how to take pictures of white birds

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Each area of photography has its own little quirks and there is a lot to learn, however these articles provide some useful tips and advice to help you get on your way.

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