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odan + Fields Dermatologists is perhaps best know as the makers of Proactiv for acne, but it is also developing quite a reputation for its anti-aging regimens. As part of the Rodan + Fields commitment to skin health, the skin care company now make a variety of sunscreens for different skin types and needs. From acne sufferers, to people with sensitive skin, as well as individuals simply fighting the signs of aging, the Rodan + fields sunscreens are formulated to not just block the sun, but to provide specific benefits for healthier skin. One of the nicest things about Rodan + Fields sunscreens is the fact their SPF lasts twice as long as other sunscreens thanks to SHIELDrf.

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ANTI-AGE Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30

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The ANTI-AGE Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30 has it all. It is an SPF and a moisturizer that reduces lines and wrinkles and firms the skin with a clinically-proven dose of corrective peptides. The Rodan + Fields SHIELDrf sunscreen technology combines stabilized avobenzone and free radical fighting colorless carotenoids from seaweed to extend UVA protection. Optical brighteners hide skin flaws while ingredients like dimethicone and hyaluronic acid keep skin moist. A sunscreen that does all of that? What's not to love?
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REVERSE Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

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The strongest sun protection from Rodan + Fields is in the Reverse regimen. The Reverse Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ combines ingredients like stabilized avobenzone with anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory colorless carotenoids to provide prolonged broad spectrum protection which prevents brown spots from forming. The Reverse sunscreen also contains Vitamin E and green tea to combat free radicals and prevent future damage, as well as licorice extract and mulberry to brighten the skin.
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SOOTHE Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

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For those of us with sensitive skin, the Soothe Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 is made without chemical sunscreens, fragrance, dyes or alcohol that can irritate sensitive skin. Soothe Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 calms and soothes skin while it protect skin from the sun with broad spectrum UVA/UVB mineral-based sunscreen.
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ANTI-AGE Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30

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Sunscreen just for the hands to help them look as youthful as your face, the Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30 comes in stick form to deliver the spot-reducing and firming benefits of pure vitamin C and the broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection benefits of SHIELDrf sunscreen technology. Remove spots, plumb the skin and protect the hands from sun damage with Anti-Age Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30.
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UNBLEMISH Oil Control Lotion SPF 20

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Did you know UV rays can intensify post-acne marks and uneven skin tone? If you are prone to blemishes and breakouts, the Unblemish Oil Control Lotion SPF 20 controls oiliness and protects against UV rays. Fight acne and sun damage at the same time!
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ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides SPF 20

The medicated powder in Enhancements Mineral Peptides SPF 20 is infused with patent-pending RFp3 peptide technology to provide sun protection and support’s skin’s resiliency, while light deflecting minerals even skin tone and reduce redness. Wear it like a makeup powder and enjoy the sun protection and long-lasting benefits.
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Don't neglect your lips! Essentials Lip Shield SPF 25 is a hydrating lip balm that soothes, softens and protects the delicate skin of the lips lips from the aging and burning effects of the sun with SHIELDrf, Rodan + Fields formulation of stabilized avobenzone and anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory colorless carotenoids. The Lip Shield also contains collagen-stimulating peptides to smooth lip texture, lipid molecules for long-term moisturization, dimethicone to protect the delicate moisture barrier, Vitamins A, C and E for anti-oxidant protection, and shea butter, avocado and sunflower seed oil to hydrate and moisturize. All that protection in a small stick!
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ESSENTIALS SPF 30 Body Sunscreen

Essentials SPF 30 Body Sunscreen is a broad spectrum sunscreen for the whole body. The Essentials Body Sunscreen contains ingredients including dimethicone to protect skin’s moisture barrier, antioxidant vitamins C and E to fight free radicals and anti-inflammatory ingredients to protect skin from environmental damage.
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Reclaim Your Summer Kit

For a limited time you can get most of the above sunscreens and more in the exclusive 2012 Reclaim Your Summer Kit. The Rodan + Fields Reclaim Your Summer kit includes: ESSENTIALS SPF 30 Body Sunscreen; ESSENTIALS Lip Shield SPF 25 (2 pack); ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides SPF 20 Bronze; ANTI-AGE Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30; REVERSE Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen; plus ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan; ESSENTIALS Maximum D3® Vitamin D3 Supplement (2 pack, 10 once-weekly doses); Exclusive Rodan + Fields Beach Bag
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For the health of you and your family, wear sunscreen every day and protect yourself from head to toe with the great broad-spectrum sunscreens from Rodan + Fields Dermatologists.

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