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hether your a beginner writer or a seasoned writer their is a writing site for you. I listed some writing sites that are not the most popular in the writing community with some information about each writing site.

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Answer Questions for Money

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This is a brand new site to earn by answering and asking question. Even tho the site is new you will earn money because the site does not pay you Google Adsense pays you. If you don't have an Adsense account you must have one to earn.

The best way to earn on any question and answers website you must ask good questions and provide good answers.

When answering a question at minimum you should answer with no less than 3 sentences. Remember the more content the better the chance of your question or answer being seen on search results.

If possible provide a source link to your answer this not only helps the person asking the question with more information but helps your answer rank in search result which will get you more traffic thus get more Adsense clicks to get more earnings.

Share your questions and answers on facebook,twitter or use a pinging service to promote your questions and answers.

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I like WebAnswers because you can earn and have fun just by asking and answering questions. When I don't have nothing to do I answer question. I also ask questions when I need information.

The best way to make money on WebAnswers is to ask questions that will "help" you and someone else. You should give details when answering a question if possible add a source link to your answer. Try to stretchout your answers do not answer questions using one word you will not earn.

Share on twitter and all the other social sites so you have more visitors to your questions and answers.

You will need an Adsense account to earn by asking and answering question. You earn from impressions and ad click from the Google ads that appear after you publish your questions and answers.

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Best Reviewer

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The Best Reviewer is great for writing lists like the top 5 movies. You can also back link your existing articles. The best reviewer is an ad-sense revenue share site that pays you 100% revenue. Their PR is a 4 which is a good rating for Google indexing.

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Knol is great for short articles and great for back-linking your other articles. Knol does very well with PR since Google owns Knol. Knol also has a library of photos that is easily inserted in your articles. Knol is different from any other writing site. Knol is kinda like wiki how because people on nol can help you edit your article or you can visit Knols and suggest edits as well. Knol is an ad-sense revenue share site. In order for Google to index your article I suggest your write at least 300 word article.

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Essay Writers

Is for advanced writers. You get paid $16 per-page this is a high standard site.

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Is anther great publishing platform for beginners. You do not need an ad-sense account to write for Firehow. You write nothing but how to articles. You get paid at the end of the month providing you make payout which is $10.

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Wizzley seems to be liked by Google and articles show up in search engines within 24 hours. Wizzley has higher content standers maybe difficult for beginner writers to get their content approved. You must have an ad-sense account to earn at Wizzley. To start with you get 50% ad-sense revenue after you have created 50 quality articles, your ad share will increase to 55%. After 100 articles we'll give you the maximum share of 60%. You earn 10% for referrals. You can also on with Zazzles,Amazon, and Allposters.

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You earn 70% revenue share and you can earn with Amazon as well. You can also earn 25% on your referrals to Seekyt. When you join Seekyt your first 3 articles will be looked at by live people. They do not allow spam! After your first 3 articles are approved then your articles will go through the automated system. Your articles must be 400 word articles. and in English.

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Expert Column

This publisher does not pay according to ad clicks. You get paid based on visitor to your article. If your like me and belonged to ehow and listmyfive you may have a lot of articles in need for a new home. You are allowed to put articles up here as long as you are using the same user name as where your article was posted. Payout is only 5$.

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