Best Review - Top 9 Decorating Ideas for Modern Basements


o you want to improve or create modern style for your basement? A decorative basement can have spaces for cozy comfort; act as a social zone or as a warm and inviting retreat. An organized basement has efficiency possibilities for multi-purpose and decorative style. Design a restful place in the basement. Add a daybed, futon or sleeper sofa for convenient relaxation. A basement special guest suite has a cozy, private bedroom area with a powder room or full-size luxury bathroom. Other basement uses have fun activities and entertainment as a focus. Perk up your basement space with a decorative theme. Turn your basement into an elegant lodge, an Afro-centric lair, art gallery or cool lounge.

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Fun Activities for a Basement

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Your favorite colors, activity zones and spaciousness give your basement personal style and personality. A zone for arts, crafts and hobbies is functional with ample counter space, a set of stools and storage bins for organizing supplies.

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Basement Exercise Area

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A roomy workout zone for regular exercise is a place to warm up and cool down after vigorous exercise.

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Fun with Family and Friends

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Your basement can function as a social location for gatherings of friends and loved ones. Everyone will enjoy listening to music, movie nights and video games. Other fun basement activities are pool, pinball and table tennis. A wet bar, small kitchen and aquarium are often found in basement spaces.

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Comfortable Basement Spaces

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A modern style basement setting has updated space with comfortable seating and adequate lighting. Cabinets for storage, a generous countertop and an under counter refrigerator for beverages are optional for an updated basement.

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The Functional Basement

A functional basement space can be used as an apartment, laundry area and a place for storing seasonal and food items. Basement areas are useful as efficient workspace for a computer desk, or a space for doing homework.

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Multi-use Basements

Make storage in your basement creative, decorative and mostly functional. Use open shelves, cabinetry, a storage bench or chest to keep your basement neat and tidy. Decorate your basement for multi-purpose usage. A finished basement is adequate space for a guest room, playroom, adult recreation area or just a private area to read quietly.

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Creative Basement Spaces

Customize the use of your basement according to the space and your preferences. Consider using a basement environment for an artist or music studio, a media space or a living room with an entertainment center.

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Luxury Decor for Basements

Decorate your basement areas as a relaxed, luxurious, roomy and comfortable getaway. Personalize your basement décor with modern accessories and art. A luxury theme, soft cozy fabric and durable materials are creative updates for your basement. For a busy home, consider an additional kitchen or half bath in the basement.

Top 9

Decorative Basement Themes

Light colors for an element of cheerfulness, organic design or relaxed elegance help to create a wonderful basement scheme. Furniture in dark color tones set the mood for elegant ambiance and dramatic sophistication. Decorative colors, fabrics, patterns and art objects are stylish flourishes of ethnic style for an Oriental, Afro-centric and Moroccan décor theme.

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