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ave you heard? Hubpages has split into Subdomains. That means every author stands on their own quality wise. According to Google, that should let quality content rise to the top of the subdomains heap. Some subdomains work together to make relevant links and promote their subdomains.

There are many great authors on Hubpages. We cannot name them all on this forum and, of course, have our own favorites, some personal, others based on their impact on our Hubpages activity, even though they may not realize it.

So here, in our opinion, are some great new Hubpages subdomains that we think you should be watching.

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Balimermaid Coloring Pages - Super Subdomain Coloring Page Library

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Already a four year power house on Hubpages this sub-domain has literally thousands of kids coloring pages free colouring pictures to print. Many educational hubs for children on homeschooling.

Top 2

HsanAlim Colouring Page Index - New Hubpages Subdomain

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This sub-domain recently went through the roof. traffic wise, when participating in the Hubpages subdomains test that ran before Hubpages management decided to give every author a subdomain.
Like Balimermaid, Hsanalim has thousands of free coloring pages for kids. They collaborate so as not to overlap on content.

Top 3

ColoringPagesKids Sub-domain Coloring For Younger Children

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Younger Children cannot handle coloring activity that is as detailed as older children and teens. That's why the daughter of Balimermaid, now in college, set up this new sub-domain to publish coloring pages and pictures for younger children.

Top 4

Weight Loss Diets That Work - Secrets of Diets That Work

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A super informative new sub-domain amoung all the subdomains that talk about dieting and how to lose weight. The difference is that this subdomain knows the secret of how, when, what and why any Weight Loss diet works.

Top 5

Founder and CEO of Hubpages Paul Edmondson

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If you want to keep track of what's happening at HubPages and the future of SEO in general you need to be watching anything that this new subdomain publishes

Top 6

Chuck - One of the Most Popular SubDomains onHubpages

What can I say. Chuck tells it like it is and people love what he writes. You should stop and check out his hubs at least a few times a week.

Top 7

Patty Inglish Subdomain - Member of HubPages Elite and Prolific Author

Ms Patty has some very interesting hints and tips for anyone that wants to be a prolific writer on the Internet.

Top 8

Maddie Rudd Subdomain

This lady has the daunting task of watching and guiding what happens on the sometimes volatile Hubpages Forums. She knows her stuff and is a fine author in her own right. Maddie also writes hub articles on weight loss.

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So that is our, admittedly biased pick for the subdomains to watch on Hubpages. We think you should look at Hubpages as a place to write articles. There are lots of reasons to do so. If you are an author that can lay out quality content and want to make money at the same time Hubpages is the place for you. Please note there is no referral link to this endorsement.

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