Best Review - Top 8 Reasons to become a project manager


ou may already possess the skills it takes to be a PM and you don't even know it. Here are 8 reasons you should look into this profession because you already have key skills needed.

Project management is a profession many people simply 'fall into'. Perhaps they were in the right place at the right time and the business needed someone to fill that role. Perhaps the person in that role started taking jobs on that a PM would do and essentially created that role for themselves. Of course, there are also plenty of people who choose to become PM's and take on lots of project management training and work experience to get a PM position.

These are all common paths that project managers take to get into this exciting profession. However, whilst plenty of people happily get into the job, or work to get into the job, there are many people who are perfect for it and perhaps haven't even realised it yet.

Are you someone who has been told they would suit the role of a PM? Have you been offered PM training before, but turned it down because you've not really thought of it as a profession? Have you considered becoming a PM but don't really know if you have what it takes?

If any of the above apply to you, take a look at these 8 signs you need to look into becoming a project manager - you might find you're inspired to take on a whole new career path:

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Project Management Works

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You truly understand that a task you are completing doesn't revolve around you or even the task in hand. You understand that having a sound understanding of how to communicate with your team and set up a framework that works for everyone is a hugely important part of making the task a success. Understanding that a task never revolves around the person in charge, is a great thing.

Top 2

You Have Project Management Skills

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Writing status reports to senior management, weekly planning sessions with your team, emails and phone calls to clients - these are all habits for you, in fact, you enjoy doing them. Having this kind of communication as second nature shows that this skill is innate in you.

Top 3

You Understand Project Scope

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Regardless of the task you are doing, you always remain aware of the parameters and ensure your team do not promise anything above and beyond what they can achieve. Tasks need to be feasible, achievable and reasonable in your eyes.

Top 4

You Understand Mindfulness

As tasks need to be completed, you check regularly that you can achieve them by the deadline and ensure any problems or issues are addressed in good time. You are present and able to work with what you have and what you need to do right now, in this moment.

Top 5

You Are Emotionally Intelligent

When you are offered criticism, you take it on board because you are able to recognise both your weaknesses and your strengths in order to work on them. You are able to recognise how others may feel about various situations or scenarios, and find you draw people to you because you are able to work with their emotions and body language.

Top 6

You Are A Natural Problem Solver

If problems arise with a task or project, you are the first person to be looking for solutions. You are never a negative influence on the group and always contribute with ideas you have to solve problems as and when they arise.

Top 7

You Can See The Bigger Picture

With tasks you have to achieve, you are able to see the bigger picture and focus on that. Even better, you are able to help your team see the bigger picture and focus on it, helping them see how it relates to them and their part in the project.

Top 8

You Hand Out Praise As And When It Is Needed

You recognise strengths and achievements in others and actually enjoy helping other reach their full potential. You support the progress of others and will happily speak up and let senior management know when members of your team or colleagues have done a great job.

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Could You Be A PM?
If you tick these boxes, or the idea of fulfilling this role excites you and you think you would be capable of the above, why not look into a PM job role. Look into your organisation and see if PM roles are already present, if not, look at how they could work for the organisation and consider presenting that idea to your boss. Alternatively, consider taking some project management training courses and looking into a change of career where you can utilise your natural ability within this profession.

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