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f your card isn't funny, it's serious, and if it's serious (unless this is a funeral), then it's not fun. Lighten up, have some fun, enjoy life, and have a sense of humor with these hysterically funny greeting cards! They're all customizable and ready to send to your friend, wife, husband, mother, father, son, daughter, niece or nephew. Have a look and find a funny card to give today!

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Funny Valentines Day Cards

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Valentine's Day... how can you take this day seriously? It's a manufactured holiday that is just begging to be made fun of. Have a sense of humor with your loved one and send them a funny Valentine's Day card instead of those sappy, lovey dovey cards they're used to getting.

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Funny St. Patrick's Day Cards

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Now this day is something to laugh about. Drunken people stumbling through the streets, drinking, having a good time, and sometimes getting arrested. All in honor of St. Patrick... how thoughtful of everyone!

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Funny Easter Cards

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Back in the day, Easter was no joke. But, leave it to corporations to turn something religious like Easter into a holiday now more associated with egg hiding bunnies. This one is just begging for some Easter humor! Find funny Easter cards to give this year on this page.

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Funny Thanksgiving Cards

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Thanksgiving is a time for relaxation, getting together with family, and most of the time, gorging on tons of food. With this insane combination of family and food, jokes are pretty easy to come by. That, and the fact that turkeys are inherently funny.

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Funny Halloween Cards

Halloween comes but once a year, and is full of people wearing costumes ranging from the mundane to the silly. It's one day of the year that's full of fright, but people often forget about the "trick" aspect. Inject some humor into your Halloween greeting cards this year with these funny options!

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Funny Christmas Cards

Christmas is supposed to be fun, but it can wind up becoming a stressful holiday for so many. The burden of seeing difficult family members, buying gifts for picky people, and spending extra cash can get a little tiresome. Luckily, these funny XMAS cards will put you right back into the holiday mood. Take a look!

Top 7

Funny Wedding Cards

Wedding cards are a dime a dozen. Ask any bride and groom if they can remember any one single card from the bunch they received and they won't be able to recall a single one. Make yours stand out from the bunch with these funny cards instead!

Top 8

Funny Birthday Cards

The only kind of birthday card to give is a funny one. Birthdays are all about fun, not seriousness! Don't even think of buying some lame serious card for the next upcoming birthday. Choose one of these funny birthday cards and give them something to laugh about instead!

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yes those were some funny

yes those were some funny ones!! thanks for making me have a laugh in this trying day!! :)