Best Review - Top 7 Ways to Put a Smile Upon Your Face


mile is a jewel that most of the fortunate people wear. A smile takes away the years and makes you young again. Do not forget to smile, it eases the tensions and makes life bearable. Here we will see some ways to bring the smile back to your face.
Some of the ways outlined are simple while others are based on reality. Do not stick to any one way to keep smiling. A smile makes distances disappear and sun to appear. So which methods will work for you? Nobody knows, and it is up to you to try and find out.

Smile is irreplacable
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Think of the new day – walk out in the sunshine

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Sunshine has a peculiar effect on most morning birds. It brings out the smile on their face. Of course they are not grinning ear to ear but the heart is filled with happiness and warmth. It puts a smile on my face.

Top 2

Prayer and a smile

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Most things happen well if you begin the day with a prayer and a smile. I always have a smile on my face after my morning prayer.

Top 3

Pull the tail of the cat

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I don’t know if you tried this, but the cat certainly does not like it. So do not do it too often or it will bite you. It however puts a smile on my face.

Top 4

See the river flow by

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This also puts a smile on my face. I go to the bank and see the fishes swimming in the shallows and again I smile.

Top 5

Think about lunch

I think about the delicious dishes mom makes for me. This keeps me smiling right through the day…until lunch time that is.

Top 6

Think about the homework the kids do

This is one of my favorites. When I was a kid and used to do my schoolwork I used to wonder how it would be when I was grown up. Now it brings a smile to my face.

Top 7

Think about the restful night

This brings a smile to my face always. I think about the restful time and the dreams that would come when I sleep. It is so relaxing.

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Best things in life come like a smile...with lots of happiness. If you keep smiling you will get more things in life. Life likes smilers.

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