Best Review - Top 7 Ways to Destress at the End of the Day!


n these days of busy lifestyles and stressful, harsh, economic times, it is detrimental to your health not to de-stress at the end or your day, and here's some ways to achieve that!

If you don't de-stress, it can make you crazy!
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Best Ways to De-Stress at the End of Your Day!

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Breathing in and out slowly to the count of ten and holding your breath inbetween for three seconds before breathing out again.

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Visual Imagery

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Close your eyes and pretend you're on the beach or some other stress reducing environment that brings you peace and relaxation. Further can be enhanced by listening to the sound of the ocean on a DVD.

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Tactile Stimuli

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Just like the pregnant ladies in their lamaze classes, gently rubbing your hands over your belly while doing any of the aforementioned techniques will lul you into la la land! Get your honey to give you a massage.

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Off to the gym, run around the block, biking, walking, swimming, stairmaster, or treadmill. Do it for at least thirty minutes each day and see if you don't feel better?

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Watch Funny Movies

Laughter is the best stress reducer that there is, so, go ahead, and watch a comedy show or movie and laugh until you bust.

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Stress Reducing Activities

Anything you like such as photography, crafts, gardening, or maybe just settling down with a good book?

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Ventilating to a Friend!

Spewing out all of the most stressful events to a friend who will stand, sit, or lay down and just listen. They don't have to give feedback, simply one pair of emphathetic ears!

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If you want to maintain your health and a sense of well- being throughout your highly stressful and busy lifestyle, make time at the end of each day to de-stress using these interventions.

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EsotericArticles's picture

This may sound really

This may sound really strange, but whenever I am stressed or down I find horror is the best relaxation. I think it makes me put things in 'perspective'. As in, sure I may be worried about my work but I am at least safe.