Best Review - Top 7 tips to lose weight fast and stay healthy


ere are some great simple easy losing weight tips that will help you boost you weight loss everyday

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Eat foods rich with calcium

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1800 milligrams of calcium daily can block the absorption of 80 calories.

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Buy pre-cut veggies

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Although they are generally more expensive than bulk veggies, they are better for those who are prone to snacking. Better be snacking on a carrot stick vs. a bag of potato chips right?

Top 3

Drink more water

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Drinking just two to three cups of cold water burns about 25-30 calories. The body has to use more energy to bring the water to room temperature and thus calories are involved.

Top 4

Smaller portions

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It is not rocket science that more than half the times we overeat. Start with a smaller plate and leave it at that.

Top 5

Skip the second servings

Unless you are absolutely hungry, most times going back for seconds is a bad start. If you are full when you have finished eating, ten to one chances, you have overeaten.

Top 6

Skip the soda

Even zero calorie sodas and drinks do pack on the excess pounds, so watch it.

Top 7

Do not snack

If you a€™re interested in keeping the pounds off for good, you will keep the snacking on the DL..seriously!

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