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f you blog or are active on social media sites, you're probably aware of what an avatar is: a small (usually square) icon that appears next to your account name. In a way, these avatars define who you are for other Web users, because they're the most visible symbol of who you are.

Some people use photos of themselves for their avatars, but many want to be more creative than that by posting a piece of art, a cartoon or even an artistically altered version of their photo that raises it to a new level of creativity.

There are a number of sites that offer the ability to make these creative free avatars. They range in the type of resources they offer but they will give you a great start if you're looking to upgrade your online image. Below are some really great sites.

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Avatar Maker Central

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This site aggregates some of the most fun and creative options for making your own avatars. It's one-stop-shopping for freebie avatar options that allow you to make distinctive images and even animated gifs and videos.

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Picnik offers a vast array of free images that can be used to make avatars, along with a variety of tools to alter and enhance photos to create just the look you want. It's like a free web version of Photoshop, except it also offers free illustrations. They also have a paid version that gives access to more tools and illustrations. (Sadly, this resource is no longer available. You can find many of its features incorporated into Google+ though.)

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Free Clip Art Sourcebook

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This comprehensive resource offers links to thousands of free images that can be used as avatars. Please honor the terms of use on each page.

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BeFunky is similar to Picnik, in that it offers free Web-based image editing tools. Also like Picnik, they offer a vast selection of free illustrations and even more for those who sign up for premium accounts.

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Image Chef

As its name implies, Image Chef lets you cook up some fun stuff. You can create a wide range of static avatars from their images and they also allow you to create animated avatars.

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Says It Badges

Want to show everyone you're the sheriff in town? Says It Badges allows you to create humorous simulated badges for a variety of professions.

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Says It Seals

Like its sister site Says It Badges, Says It Seals lets you create official-looking graphics -- but with a humorous touch.

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So now you know that the avatar field on all your favorite social media sites doesn't have to be naked! The sites above can surely help you find just the avatar image you need to express yourself to the world. Please be sure to check the terms of use for each site though. It's not cool to steal or mis-use art that other people have worked a long time to make and post.

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