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recently have been putting in extra effort to make new "Tops" on I love using Best-Reviewer for a variety of reasons I've listed below. If you are looking to earn extra income, create backlinks to your website or blog, and increase your visibility on the web, then Best-Reviewer is just what you are looking for. Join Best-Reviewer and start getting Do-Follow Backlinks to your other website content, as well as earn money with this great adsense revenue sharing site.

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Do Follow Backlinks

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Best-Reviewer allows you to add url links to your lists. These links are do-follow, giving you valuable link juice to the website content or blog you are linking to. You can use Best-Reviewer to link to topics on your blogs, your business website, and your online content you've written elsewhere, like Squidoo, Hubpages, InfoBarrel, etc. However, please read and abide by both the Best-Reviewer Cotent Policies and Google Adsense terms of service.

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Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Website

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Best-Reviewer is a adsense revenue sharing site. On every "Top" you create, your Google Adsense Pub-id will appear in the ad that is placed between the introduction module and your #1 item. You have the option of choosing the size of this ad, however you CANNOT choose the type of ad (text only, image rich media ads, or both). Both types are shown on a random rotating basis.

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Earn More Revenue with Referrals

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If you refer another member to use Best-Reviewer, you will also have an ad block with your code on all their pages at the bottom of the page below the conclusion. You will also have a link to your best-reviewer profile and your main website link appear on all your referral's pages at the bottom of the page. This gives you even more backlinks to your main website, which you submit in your profile page.

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Hands On Website Owner - James

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"James" is the website administrator of Best-Reviewer and he is very hands on. He monitors the content of the pages submitted, deleting any content that's in violation of Google Adsense policies. This keeps Best-Reviewer a valuable website in the eyes of Google, increasing the PageRank of Best-Reviewer, which in turn gives you higher quality backlinks. He is also very prompt in answering any questions or comments he receives, as well as trying to implement new improvements to the website based on popular users requests. If you post a question in the forum, he is quick to answer and help you find a solution.

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Best-Reviewer is PR4

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As of July 29, 2011 Best-Reviewer is a PR4 website.

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Easy to Read List Format

I love the list format of Best-Reviewer. The list format makes it easy for readers to read the main points of the content. It's also easy to create backlinks for specific keyword phrases by using the desirable anchor text in the number title, which can be linked to a url, and then expanding on the topic in the description section.

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Easy to Publish on

Best-Reviewer also makes it super easy to publish the Top on Just click the link in the upper right of the page that reads "Publish This Top on SheToldMe" and if you are logged in to SheToldMe, it will automatically populate the title and description. SheToldMe is another adsense revenue sharing site that works in a similar manner as Best-Reviewer, however SheToldMe is more Digg-like.

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howell1807's picture

Im new to Internet Marketing

Im new to Internet Marketing and Best-Reviewer. I haven't submitted a top yet, i am still trying to create one article, but already commented on some tops. And just by commenting i see some clicks on my adsense account. What more if i already post Tops! I recommend if you are looking for some extra income and quality articles, If you have a website, i would like to invite you in my web directory thanks for sharing

james's picture

Hi howell1807 I'm the

Hi howell1807 I'm the webmaster of best reviewer and I've spotted your actions and am about to delete your account, because posting your site in your comments is not what I like. Since I was on the move, I said to myself, I'll delete him later on..
So your only chance is to stop spreading your link like this and start posting tops, if not then your comments and account will be gone.
You can still post comments, but dropping your link like this is not liked and you can see that others don't do it, it's not because they didn't think of it it's because those who have done it are not members anymore.
Think about it 2 seconds and act upon it, I won't delete your account or your comments, so you have a chance to change your behaviour or be gone. It's only because I'm feeling happy today. Thanks.

howell1807's picture

Thanks for your consideration

Thanks for your consideration James. I won't waste this second chance you gave me. I guess this is my lucky day!

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It's a nice tips. Thanks for

It's a nice tips. Thanks for sharing this tips. It will be very useful for me.