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hristmas is near and it is time to get the preparation started. Have a look at this top three for inspiration for your Christmas.

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Top 1

Christmas Traditions in Denmark

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It is always interesting to see how other people celebrate Christmas. Have a look at this link to read about danish Christmas traditions and maybe get inspired yourself?

Top 2

Christmas tree toppers

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Looking for a new angel tree topper? Maybe a star shaped Christmas tree topper? Or are you looking to put Barbie or a Disney character in the top of your tree. Have a look here for some of the most amazing Christmas Tree toppers on the marked.

Top 3

Christmas Gift Inspiration #1 Waffle Toasters

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Looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything? Get them a waffle toaster. Everyone loves waffles and this link will show you some of the best ones out there.

Top 4

Christmas Gift Inspiration #2 Thors Hammer Necklace pendants

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Thors Hammer pendants are a cool gift to give to people interested in the viking age. Despite the years passing by Mjolnir still has a very special feel to it.
Check out the many different styles and types of Thors hammers and read more about how Mjolnir was created.

Top 5

Christmas Gift Inspiration #2 Dancing Games for the Kinect

Get in shape while playing video games. Sounds too good to be true? Not necessarily! The Kinect offers a more active form of gaming and the Dance games for the kinect are super fun if you like dancing. Check out the reviews in the link below.

Top 6

Christmas on Amazon

There is so much more Christmas stuff to find on Amazon. Why not have a look? :)

Top 7

Christmas Heart Baskets

Here you will find a step-by-step guide to create woven paper hearts. Heart baskets are perfert christmas tree decoration and easy to craft for even smaller children.

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I hope these links has given you some ideas to add to your own Christmas. Happy Holidays! :)

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