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bought 2 lifetime memberships, one is because I was looking for a contextual widget to display clickbank products without having to work a lot after the initial installation.. Then the other is because it provides very useful data about the products available for sales on clickbank. I mean data useful for clickbank affiliates so they don't have to much trial and errors to do..

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I put this one first because it is the first I've bought a lifetime membership for, but not only. Because it provides several different widgets that you can put on your site / blog to show clickbank products, and also because extra effort is done on the title and description + photos of each products, while others mostly rely on Clickbank's XML data feed and it simply doesn't work because many vendors don't bother to provide an alternate version of their product description. So with other services you end up displaying clickbank products with text written for affiliates, not for buyers! You're hardly going to make a sale that way, or maybe just one in a month if you display the widget thousands of times and one visitor click on the product's ad anyway, despite the strange looking description!
Also, cbproads provides you with a fully-featured storefront also called clickbank mall or cb mall.. So it's basically the full catalog of clickbank products that the visitor can browse by categories and with an internal search engine.. Apart from the photo + rewritten descriptions, the bonus of cbproads's storefronts over other service is that they also provide NICHE STOREFRONTS, which means nice looking websites displaying only a subset of the clickbank catalog, for instance only products about tattoo products, or about weightloss products, with a nice related header.. There are also other things, but you should find out by yourself and don't bother taking a free membership where you share the sales 50/50 with the owner, since you're going to use it and it is so cheap, buy the lifetime membership like I did. I never signed up before, I knew I would use it and the other membership plans make no sense, I knew I wasn't going to TRY IT, but USE IT!

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Now CBEngine I bought it a week after cbproads.. So obviously it wasn't because of the contextual ads they also offer at CBEngine, because I think cbproads does a better job at it. On CBEngine it is pretty standard contextual widget, with titles and description direct from Clickbank's XML data feed and no image.. But that's like every other apart from cbproads so it's not a problem..
No, the reason why I bought the lifetime membership for cbengine, and here again without ever signing up before, even if they do offer a 7 days or 15 days trial, because I'm not going to try and see if I like it.. I KNOW I'll be using it daily or as long as I'll use clickbank.. So the lifetime membership was a no-brainer from the start.
Did I say why I bought it? Well it is because it is a tool better than the clickbank marketplace, because they have been up since 2004 and have kept records of all products variations (top shakers and movers) in all aspects, like gravity and other things. Plus they alert you about vendors who don't play the game by the rules, like accepting payment via paypal without going through the clickbank order process and stealing affiliates.. Well I have no time to play with those cheaters, it's better to know about that before you even open their sales page and investigate, so that you don't even bother to..
Also CBEngine has a nice interface, very professional with no bullshit (cluttering?) and only the datas.
Plus they offer other things, I won't mention them you can simply go there and check for yourself, because if you're serious about affiliate marketing and clickbank, you'll get a lifetime membership, or perhaps a trial account to test the water if you're not like me. For me it was easy to see that cbengine made sense as part of my toolkit. I'm quite new in affiliate marketing in the sense that I started to focus 100% on it after I got banned from adsense (9 years old account) only a few weeks ago. But I've had amazon, clickbank and whatnot affiliate accounts for a long time, have made sales and sometimes a lot when I was lucky to get a lot of traffic on a page and by luck happened to look for a product related to that page..
But with adsense earnings being so high I allowed myself to be lazy and didn't want to spend time looking for products to promote, I was that lazy..
Now it's time for a change for the better, before the end of the year I'll be back on tracks but with affiliate programs only, not with adsense (even if I wanted they don't) or other PPC networks, although I keep them on my sites because at the moment I need all the money I can get, but that won't be the case for long!

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Clickbank Ad Rotator

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OK, I'll be straight with you, I put this one in third position because it is on the clickbank marketplace and that's the only reason really.. Otherwise I've looked at it but nothing impressed me. If you know this product and you believe I'm missing something, please tell me, but it doesn't look like there's much to it that cbproads or cbengine don't do already and better..
But anyway I cpy you the text of their sales page, there's nothing in it that caught my attention after having both lifetime membership at cbproads and cbengine:
You get your own login to the members area so you can generate ClickBank ads that you can place on any website you own.

Your commission is normally around 50-75% per product sold from your ads. This can also include recurring billing products that can earn you a commission every single month.

Our database is updated every single day from the legitimate ClickBank marketplace, not from a database that has about 100 old links like some places, we have ALL of ClickBanks 10,000+ products listed, this is very important as new products are added and removed from the marketplace every single day.

We do not pretend to offer it at a low cost or for free and then make you pay a monthly fee to upgrade, it is a one time only payment.

Your ads will be direct link ads targeted by your own keywords, so you can mix them with your Google AdSense if you require.

Your ads are not displayed as images, they are actual text so that they will add towards the S.E.O of your web page and increase traffic from search engines.

You do not need any technical knowledge at all, as long as you can copy and paste into your web page.

You can choose the exact size of ads you require by title length, description length, word length, ad number, width, height, orientation etc. All done from very simple menus in your members area.

You can choose the look of your ad by font, font colors, font size, border colors and styles. You can even choose the order in which they display, such as most popular, highest earning etc. All done from very simple menus in your members area.

There are no complicated databases for you to set up, in fact it has been designed so that even a child can use it.

You get paid by ClickBank every week for any sales made from your ads.

Also from now on, I'll list only the different websites I've found when looking for clickbank contextual ads, but I can tell you they're not worth your time.. And I put them in random order, that is the order they are open in my browser tabs..

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Oh wait, I've just lied in TOP 3.. That's because I've checked on clickbank marketplace and there it was, CBProSense!
So I'll spend a little more time reviewing it.. First let's copy the part of the sales page where the owner lists the features, we never know what we can find:
Highly Content Sensitive - unlike other ClickBank contextual systems, CBprosense will fully index your pages to ensure that only the most relevant products are matched to the content around them.

Highly customizable - CBprosense has no set Ad sizes. You can alter almost any aspect of the Ad, like Ad width, height, text & links colors, background color and font face. You can even change the number of products displayed per ad (up to 100 products per ad).

Remotely hosted system - no need to mess around with server scripts.

Product commission level settings - you can specify the minimum commission level required for products to display. Example, if you set the commission level to 50%, products paying less then 50% will not show on your ads.

All links are hard coded with your own encrypted ClickBank affiliate id. The links when clicked open in a new window, the viewer never leaves your site.

The message "Ads by CBprosense..." can be turned off, and if you choose to leave this message on you get to earn 50% in commission for every referral that click this link and signs up with CBprosense. Try doing this with other contextual networks

The option to specify your own keywords on pages that are less then clear. This will bypasses the system's auto content-sensing mechanism and makes CBprosense fully compatible with other contextual networks (Google Adsense for example). The system will then simply pull products according to the keywords you specify, all hard coded with your own ClickBank affiliate ID.

Bullet list type Ads - CBprosense ads look distinctively different to any other contextual networks and are designed to blend much better into your page design.

Search Boxes - compliment your ads by displaying easy to configure CBprosense search boxes. Search results open in a new window, the viewer never leaves your site. All links are hard coded with your own encrypted ClickBank affiliate id.

Access to clicks and impressions reports - so you can fine tune your Ads to perfection.

Ad settings can be modified/customised on a page by page basis.

Extremely flexible, effective and easy to implement system. CBprosense provides you with a unique set of tools to ensure the best click to sale conversions possible .

OK, from what I read, first I want to debunk the old myth that adsense forbids other contextual networks.. While it was true at first, it is not the case anymore, I guess they got scare of a monopoly suit or something, so now all they forbid in their favorite vague terms is ads that look like adsense ads.. So changing the colors should be enough, because they hardly invented the title + description + url format.. If they did we would know about it for sure, they would have a patent and would still have their clause about not allowing anything with title + description + url !

Secondly I want to say that I was wrong to overlook CBProSense in the first place, because to my knowledge they are the only ones to offer a service that crawl your pages and serves clickbank ads based on what they think your page is about.. cbproads and cbengine both require that you provide the keywords.. Which is not a problem anyway since I can do it with PHP before sending the html to the visitor.. But I'd like to see how well cbprosense performs this tasks, because it requires web server power.. After it depends for how many members and web pages, how often it crawls your site for updated content, how well it does the semantic guessing, or understanding what the page is about in automated way. This is not an easy task.. So perhaps cbprosense performs well as a truly contextual clickbank ads service.. I don't know, if you do, please let me know I beg you! I'll ask about it on DP forum, but their clickbank subforum is not very active and I'm not (yet) a member of warriorforum.. But I'll make a google search surely others have been talking about cbprosense before today :-)

Also another point caught my attention is that they say their ad format is very flexible, well that's good.. But still they don't talk about having rewritten title and description of clickbank products, and also not having images for products..

Well, I think if I didn't yet have my cbproads and cbengine lifetime memberships I would give them a try.. Also maybe it is free to sign up for a trial.. Well, no... "This service is available by subscription only."
OK, maybe another time after I read more about it than from their sales page..

Now let's go for the rest of the bunch..

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Clickbank Context

At least they're free, but what's the catch?
I suppose nothing except like all other owners, to be able to track which clickbank products are getting clicked the most from their widget, so they have an edge over the competition by having a lot of data about that and being able to identify the products / description which generate interest..
I suppose the owner developped this for himself to use on his own sites and thought why not make a website and offer it for free to get data, if I get too many members or the load on my server is too much I can always make changes to the terms..
So yes, this one is free and claims to let you have 100% of the sales..
That sounds like a good deal for those who are not interested in anything else that cbproads and cbengine have to offer.

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My Clickbank Ads

MyClickBankAds helps you to:
- Display ClickBank Contextual Ads (Like Google Adsense)
- Make more money
- Add action and interest to your site.
- Bring in more traffic.
- Save you lots of time.
- Make money from deadweight pages.
- Get higher payouts by making 50% to 75% commission ($20-$100 per sale instead of just a few cents).


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CB Ads Genie

This one doesn't even have working payment buttons, I should not mention it, but I have it opened in my browser tab.. Well anyway I'll copy you the bullet points part and I'm done with this top, you know which ones I advise you to get..

Here's How You Can Benefit From Ads Like This:

Instantly monetize your website content with no effort, no hassle, no worries

Just add one line of code to your website html source and bingo you are ready to get started

Put an end to the frustration of having a website that never makes you any money

Promote products that are already selling every day like hotcakes

Get used to $1,000 dollar cheques through your letter box twice a month

Relax knowing your website is earning you money 24/7 - even while you sleep

Much, much, more...

Do you like this top?

Here you go, I've listed quite a few of them, but personally I only bought lifetime membership for the first two, I think it is more than enough. Those products are not about learning how to do something, but they are useful tools when you already know what you'd like to do.

If you'd like me to summarize it for you, if you're not that short of cash to want to get the free one (TOP 4 CBProSense) then I'd recommend you take like me two lifetime memberships, one with cbproads and the other with cbengine.. But depending on your needs, maybe one of them will be enough..

for instance if what you want if good data about the clickbank marketplace and just a simple widget to show contextual ads, then you need only cbengine. On the other hand if clickbank marketplace is enough for you since you've used it a lot already and only need good looking widgets and perhaps also some niche storefronts, then you only need cbproads..

Just another thing before leaving, about wordpress, personally I don't use it, I use drupal, but if you're using it then you might be interested in wp plugins, in that case, cbengine provides you with one with the lifetime membership, or you can buy it separately it's called cbpress.. And cbproads is about to release their own, it will allow to create storefronts on wordpress with the nice title + description + images of the clickbank products, and probably more, but I won't know first hand because I don't plan on using wordpress, drupal is fine for my needs and has served me very well over the years.

If you want to read more about cbproads and cbengine, I have written other stuff since I've started focusing on all things clickbank, that is not so long ago:
Articles about cbproads and cbengine

See you around, and please if you have something to tell me about any of those products, including the cbprosense's contextual capabilities, please do so in the comments, thank you!

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