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f you, or your relative are in need of care and your care needs are no longer met independently living in the home, it is time to consider your options. There are benefits to moving into a residential care home, and of course, there are some negatives to it too. As with anything, the more informed you are, the more of a balanced decision you can make about your later life care. Take a look at these advantages of residential care homes to find out if it could be a great option for your later life care:

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Senior Care Safety

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There will always be somebody checking on you, or somebody to call for if you fall or need any help at all.

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Senior Care Security

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The premises is secured so, no need to worry about intruders or unwanted visitors.

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A Private Room

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At the very least you will have your own room to adorn with your photos and possessions. Some care homes also have entire suites you can occupy including a living room space, and even a kitchenette.

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Good Nutrition

According to statistics 1.3 million people aged 65 or over are malnourished or at risk of malnourishment. In residential care, they will work hard to ensure your nutritional needs are met.

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Statistics say that loneliness can be as harmful for us as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and unfortunately 1.9 million older people feel invisible or ignored and are at a high risk of loneliness. Care homes offer companionship and the potential to combat loneliness with people of a similar age group, as well as potential days out and social activities.

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Peace Of Mind For Your Family

Your family will have peace of mind knowing you're safe and secure in the care home.

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Help With Medication

Care homes can provide help with getting medication, taking it and managing it properly, as well as help with making doctor and hospital appointments.

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