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I have hosted in many places so far. Lessons learned and things changed. The first time I had no money to buy hosting account so we went with 000webhost Really good alternative if you have no money for paid hosting. I have received my blog there about a month. Not bad for free accommodation. Dreamhost At that time there was a dreamhost promotion to publicize a free domain and free hosting account for one year for $ 9.99 which was a blessing for me and I immediately moved to dreamhost. No I think I bothered to back up my data for the whole year and it worked great dreamhost, without the nightmare of data loss. Keyweb Germany Those times I have started business representing accommodation and bought my own 4GB of RAM and deployed OpenVZ VPS Kloxo there and also moved this blog to hosting the proxy server. It was a pleasant experience and the service was excellent.I 300 GB have pushed up with my biz proxyhosting. BurstNET Hawkhost Linode
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