Best Review - Top 6 Reasons To Work In Project Management


roject management is a fantastic profession to undertake. Here we look at 6 top reasons it is the right time to get into this rapidly growing industry.

If you are considering moving into project management, or you are looking at doing a project management degree, you may be researching what it means to be a PM, and most importantly - is all the hard work worth it. No doubt you will have seen various articles about how challenging it is, and the masses of PM jargon you will have come across must be very confusing. Then there's the various project management training exams, the masses of competition out there for the best jobs, and the intense pressure of the job itself. So if that hasn't put you off yet (and hopefully it hasn't!) here are loads of reasons to pursue a PM career:

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Project Management Apprenticeships

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Learning keeps the brain young and keeps life interesting. In project management, no two projects are ever the same and every day brings different challenges. On a Higher Project Management Apprenticeship you will learn on the job, gaining real-world experience and professional qualifications - right up to debgree level if you wish.

Top 2

Work With Different People

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You will be working with different people all the time. You might be working with a small team in-house one week and a remote team across the world the next. You will be interacting with different stakeholders, freelancers, members of senior management, project managers, project team members - the list is endless. You will experience complete diversity and you cannot fail to be a better person because of it.

Top 3

Professional Project Management Courses to Attend

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Project management is never boring. Your project management training might seem like a lot of information to take in, but the moment you get into work and put your skills into practise, you will see that it was all necessary. You will have lots of issues and tasks to deal with daily, team members, stakeholders, management and other colleagues to interact with, presentations to give - it never stops. If you hate repetitive work - consider project management.

Top 4

You Get To Make Customers Happy

There are many jobs where your hands are tied when it comes to complete customer service. With project management, you have complete control over making your customers happy and keeping them happy throughout the project. This is extremely satisfying and a fabulous part of the job role.

Top 5

Getting Recognition

You get to work with leaders in your industry and get recognition for your achievements. You aren't just fulfilling a job that could be done by many, you are exceeding expectations and getting recognised for it.

Top 6

You're Joining An Industry That Is Going Through A Huge Period Of Growth

Project management is a rapidly growing industry which is expected to have grown by $6.61 trillion dollars by 2020 and an estimated 15.7 million new project management roles are expected to be created by this time as well.

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Project management isn't just exciting, it's guaranteeing you a place within an industry that is going to expand rapidly moving forward. By becoming a PM, you will become part of huge global change.

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