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etting paid online and sending money can sometimes be a hassle, and it costs money if you don't pay attention how you send money. Fortunately, there are online payment platform that will substitute to the banks and considerably reduce the costs of sending and receiving money. May life easy for your buyers and they will buy more from you.
I have selected here the top 5 online payment platforms. It is advised to have more than one platform (they are FREE anyway so go for it!) as a Paypal account, for example, cannot send funds to a Paxum account, and vice versa. Proposer all the services to your buyers so that they can choose the one that suits them best.

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Paypal is probably the most used, but also the one with higher fees, and is not accepted in Egypt or Pakistan for example.

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Skrill / Moneybookers

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Probably the best choice with Paypal, with much lower fees, and accepted in more countries. You can as well collect your money via check or wire. Plus you can get a Mastercard for as low as $10 per year!

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This outsider is worth having in any case. Lower fees than paypal, and a wide interesting network.

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Same comment as above, a must have, plus this one offers a debit card too (but can prove a bit costly).

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The most interesting one of all. Not really an online payment service, but this one lets you hold gold and silver in physical form and under your name in a secured vault. This is the best option ever to buy, store and sell gold and silver. When you see how much gold has increased over the past 20 years, this is definitely a great alternative, plus you don't need to trust banks for that. Don't put all your eggs in the same basket and go for gold. The interesting thing there is once you have an account with them you can pay and receive payment in silver and gold with other persons using this system. The inflation proof solution for all payments.

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The great thing about Payoneer is that it lets you have a US based bank account. That is great as most platform online only wire to US bank accounts (if not they send checks, but you know how costly it is to cash in a foreign check). The charge for receiving money on your US account is only 1%. It is accepted by Amazon, eBay, and all the major online players.

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Here you have the top 5 online payment service. Subscribe to them all, it doesn't take much time, it's free, and it can definitely help you boost your online business, spread the risk of having all your assets with your bank, and make it much easier and cheaper to send and receive funds anywhere in the word.

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TinaAtHome's picture

Thank you for that list. I

Thank you for that list. I haven't heard of paxum, I must check them out.

jimformation's picture

Hadn't heard of most of

Hadn't heard of most of these. Thanks!

MySpace-Lyrics's picture

I am glad you find them

I am glad you find them useful. Paypal is not used in every country, and have cross border rates that can be prohibitive!

lordt's picture

I am just wondering how many

I am just wondering how many users do these services have. PayPal is the number one and I think Moneybookers is the second largest but I have never heard about the others.

MySpace-Lyrics's picture

They all have a significant

They all have a significant number of users.

lordt's picture

Maybe you can add the number

Maybe you can add the number of users. The payment systems have 2 important measures: the fees and the number users.