Best Review - Top 6 Inspiring Ideas for Oriental Design in Home Decor


ress your home spaces with the graceful style of oriental design. This is a decorative look to love and adore. Give rooms and living spaces the essence of this decorative style with soft, rich oriental rugs, minimal design and colorful room accents. Use orchid plants, light to dark wood tones and shoji screens made of rice paper for a style mix of oriental modern design.

A simple oriental design is spacious, calm and elegant. Use art as a design form that is a touch of oriental and modern luxury. Design the areas of your home with the elegance of oriental decorative accents for Zen-inspired beauty.

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Materials that Add to an Oriental Theme

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Keep the accent on design appreciation with oriental art and furnishings. Mix oriental
design pieces with modern accessories for an interior style that is classic in elegance and appeal.
Feature design, pattern and texture with shoji room divider screens, bamboo plants, an indoor water
fountain and Buddha accent art. Use sisal and jute rugs, floor mats, and earthy neutral color tones that enhance the peaceful spirit and mood of oriental design.

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Decorative Oriental Style as a Modern Theme

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Create a decorative retreat in the bedroom or bathroom with the healing, calm,light easy treatment of an oriental theme in modern rooms. Oriental design in home decor is an elegant classic or contemporary style. Express personal style in an Oriental decor with special art displays for walls, table tops or a shelving unit. Furniture made of wood or metal are dramatic features in an oriental style decor.

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The Inspiration of Oriental Home Decor

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Create the inspiring look of oriental style with brown and green colors of nature. Simple pieces
of modern oriental art, accessories made of glass, decorative candles, and beautiful bowls add a peaceful impact of design. Get elegance ambiance with soft, silky floor cushions and tables that sit low.

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Elegant Plants as Decorative Accessories

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Use a variety of elegant plants for touches of greenery that have style enhancing color and energy. Plants in Oriental design offer your home style that has fresh intensity. This style is great for a flowing and open design theme. Get inspired with oriental design in your home when you desire a relaxing and calming decor.

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Decorative Art in Oriental Interiors

Create beautiful expressive style in an Oriental decor. Feature decorative accents for a simple theme with a special palette of Oriental design. Use glass, flowers and decorative wall art as beautiful accents of Oriental decor style. Oriental art pieces for walls and tabletop surfaces keep the decorative theme of oriental inspiration on display. Choose rich colors and abstract designs of art that feature oriental calligraphy, flowers, birds or fish. Oriental design in home decor is soothing elegance with subdued colors or bold and rich color shades. Use a style mix of lighting, artwork and elegant wood furnishings to create a graceful Oriental decor style.

Top 6

Home Furnishings in Oriental-Inspired Interiors

Go for a mystical and intriguing style effect in an oriental decorative space. Alternatively, decorate your living spaces with a simple design of furnishings in lightweight textures,tones and design in an Oriental room scheme. The style effects of Oriental decor are a personal opportunity for beautiful treatments of inspired elegance.

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