Best Review - Top 6 Hottest Money Making Opportunities on ClickBank (English)


lickBank is great for both finding the best guides and eBooks to learn how to make money online, and to actually MAKE money.

Some products generates millions of dollar on this platform. The best among these products are usually internet marketing guides. Why? BEcause first you buy it to learn some awesome technique, and then you can put it in application and resell any product you want using these techniques, either click bank products or your own.

My tip to you: resell the actual marketing method that you bought, as an affiliate on ClickBank. First because you will know the product, second because you will have learnt from it, and third because I am giving you here only the products that brought the most cash to affiliates.

I will try to update this list on a monthly basis as it may change over time and new products get introduce regularly on the platform.

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Commission Autopilot - Insane Epc - 70% Commissions!

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Brand New Hot Converting Offer For All List Types Getting Up To $8 Per Click. Converts Cold Traffic Into Buying Customers. Send Some Test Traffic And See For Yourself. Win Cash Prizes

Stats: Initial $/sale: $37.55 | Avg %/sale: 68.0% | Avg Rebill Total: $16.66 | Avg %/rebill: 35.0% | Grav: 1,066.45 | Cat: E-business & E-marketing : Submitters

Top 2

New CB Monster! Mobile Money Machines - Gold Bullion Prizes Daily! (view mobile)

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Affiliates *$1,000 Cash & Gold Bullion Daily Prizes!* Huge Conversions & Constantly Increasing Epcs For You! Join Our Affiliates Earning Up To $5 Per Click Plus Cash & Gold Prizes Daily!

Initial $/sale: $33.88 | Avg %/sale: 57.0% | Avg Rebill Total: $49.93 | Avg %/rebill: 50.0% | Grav: 520.86 | Cat: E-business & E-marketing : Marketing

Top 3

Satellitedirect - Highest Converting Tv To PC Product

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Don't Have A Website? Create A Money Making Website In Just Minutes For Free With Our Brand New Tool

Initial $/sale: $25.35 | Avg %/sale: 75.0% | Avg Rebill Total: $27.00 | Avg %/rebill: 53.0% | Grav: 449.77 | Cat: Arts & Entertainment : Film & Television

Top 4

100% Commissions - Fast Cash Commissions - Monster Epc's (view mobile)

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We Are Giving Away 100% Commissions For The Rest Of December!

Initial $/sale: $37.69 | Avg %/sale: 61.0% | Avg Rebill Total: $36.72 | Avg %/rebill: 32.0% | Grav: 392.76 | Cat: E-business & E-marketing : Affiliate Marketing

Top 5

Truth About Abs: New Vids = Massive Conversion Boost

January = Insane Sales. New Mens Vid: 313% Increased Conversions! New Womens Vid Up 54%. Avg Conv Boost On All Traffic Is More Than Double! For Tips To Get 3-cent Clicks (not Google), Seo, Facebook, & More

Initial $/sale: $33.91 | Avg %/sale: 75.0% | Avg Rebill Total: $27.17 | Avg %/rebill: 75.0% | Grav: 381.14 | Cat: Health & Fitness : Diets & Weight Loss

Top 6

Daily 500 Cash Competition 9- 13 Jan 2012. Paid Within 24 Hours! (view mobile)

We Are Giving Away 500 Cash Per Day. Over $7.02 Epc For Affiliates. Mail Now Today And See This Is By Far The Best Converting CB Offer Out There. Grab Your New Swipe Copy

Initial $/sale: $30.81 | Avg %/sale: 61.0% | Avg Rebill Total: $22.62 | Avg %/rebill: 50.0% | Grav: 380 | Cat: E-business & E-marketing : Affiliate Marketing

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As you can see, out of the top 6 products on ClickBank, 4 of them are from the category E-business & E-marketing. Now 2 things about affiliate products: You won't get rich overnight without a minimum of work. You need to study the e-marketing method and follow it step by step. It may take a few months before you start earning significant amount of money, but when you do it will increase fast.
Another good thing about clickBank affiliate products is that you have a 60 days money back guarantee. But don't ask your money back after 1 day or 1 week. Do really try the product first and again don't expect overnight results.

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Feel free to share with me

Feel free to share with me here which affiliate programs you have tried, and which are your top 8 money making opportunities. Thanks!

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Glad to hear you are doing

Glad to hear you are doing well with CB. Putting in a consistent effort is the key.

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Consistency plus selecting

Consistency plus selecting the good products. There is a lot of junk out there too!

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