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here are many people who like to work on their Halloween costumes in advance. This way they can make any necessary changes and have their costume ready to go before the big day arrives. If you cannot afford a Halloween costume or always have trouble finding one you like in the stores, you can, always make your own. You can find clothing and accessories lying around the house, and you may need to buy a few affordable accessories in stores. But put them all together and you will have your own homemade Halloween costume! To help you get started, here are a few homemade Halloween costume ideas.

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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas: Animals.

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You can use regular clothing and accessories to create the body of the costume. You can make the ears out of a headband and construction paper, and the tail out of construction paper or felt. While this is a homemade costume, you can still buy the ears and tail if you are having trouble creating them yourself. You can also use facial paint for the nose and whiskers if you need to. So an example could be black cat ears and a tail, facial paint for the nose and whiskers, a plain black outfit, and a choker necklace to act as the collar.

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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas: Cowboy or Cowgirl.

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Creating a cowboy or cowgirl costume is very easy, and you may have everything you need lying around the house! A cowboy costume can include jeans, a vest, and cowboy boots. A cowgirl costume can include a denim skirt (jeans if preferred), vest, and cowgirl boots. Now they may be extra accessories either costume will need from a store, such as the cowboy hat or cowgirl hat and toy gun.

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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas: Princess.

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When you make your princess costume, you can use a gown or long dress, dress shoes, jewelry and tights or nylons. You can also purchase a crown and wand to go with the costume.

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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas: Vampire.

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Men who want to be a vampire can use a dress shirt and pants, while a woman can use a dark dress. Some may prefer to dress down and wear old or grungy clothing instead. You may need to purchase Halloween makeup, vampire cape, and fangs if you do not have those accessories already.

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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas: Witch.

If you want to be a witch, you can wear a long dark dress, black or striped tights (or stockings), and black dress shoes or boots. Additional Halloween accessories can include make-up, a broom, and/or a small cauldron.

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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas: Zombie.

You can use your own clothing and accessories to make a simple or disgusting zombie costume. You can wear old, grungy, torn clothing to start out with. The amount of Halloween makeup and fake blood you use will depend on how simple or disgusting you want your costume to be. If you do not mind getting anything on your clothing, you can smear the fake blood on your clothing as well.

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This list is only a few of the many homemade Halloween costume ideas you can consider. You can also create a superhero costume, character costumes, insect costumes, and more! Use the different ideas to decide what you want to be for Halloween and plan it out in advance. The sooner you decide, the more time you will have to work on the costume. Be creative and have fun making your own Halloween costume! Happy Halloween!

Image: Pixabay.

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