Best Review - Top 6 Funny Father's Day Poems For Kids

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I found a funny Fathers Day poem I thought you would like, then I ran across several more. So I decided to share several of them with you, most of the poems are written by one of my favorite poets, D. Alsup. If they put a smile on your face or a chuckle in your voice then enjoy the medicine they have brought to you. For laughter is the best medicine. Kids still say some of the funniest and most interesting things. Funny Father's Day Poems For Kids captures some of the humor that comes out of their mouths in just everyday comments and conversations. These poems are great to share with dad on Father's Day, his birthday or any special occasion. "YOU'RE MY HERO" Dad you're my hero... "I LOVE MY DADDY" I love my daddy, He's my... "MY HANDPRINTS" My dirty little handprint... "FRIED FISH" When you took me fishing Dad... "DADDY YOU'RE FUNNY" Daddy you're so funny... "A STRANGE DAD" My dad is a little strange...
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