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ar drawing videos are very popular online and if you are one of the hundreds of people who are looking daily for these types of of videos then I would like to present you with 6 of the best, this is no exaggeration. These are real drawings captured on video, that have been drawn with traditional tools, like pencils and pens, they are not those computer drawings, that promote drawing but don't actually show any real drawing as such.

The following six videos all have significant numbers of views and growing which is a good strong indicator that they are popular but more importantly they are only popular because they are all good. These videos are interesting, even if you don't like drawing or drawing cars yourself, it is always interesting to watch a drawing unfold right in front of your very eyes and worth watching every time, please enjoy.

How to draw a car, Mustang GT500 hot rod.
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Drawing cars, Scirocco VW concept car, drawn with marker pens and pencil

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See this VW Scirocco concept car being drawn from the basic outline drawing to the finished rendering that has been created with colored marker pens.

Top 2

How to draw a car, see it being drawn, Mustang GT500.

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This shows you how to draw a car, using a drawing grid and graphite pencils. The pencil drawing was completed in 5 hours but the video is less than 4 minuets, it also gives textual instructions in the text supporting the video on the page.

Top 3

Drawing Cars, Mustang Shelby GT 500, marker pens and pencil.

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This video shows you how to draw a car using maker pens and pencil, it is a drawing of a Ford Mustang, shelby GT500 and has some great detail around the wheels.

Top 4

Car drawings, a supreme British sports car.

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In this video you will see how an Aston Martin, Vantage, V8 sports car can be drawn to great effect with just a simple graphite pencil.

Top 5

Drawing Cars, A Shark car.

You will see in this how to draw a car video that car has been drawn to resemble a shark and although it is only an idea it is quite effective using the shark as a bases for the overall design.

Top 6

Drawing Cars, Mustang 1968 Shelby GT 350.

This car drawing is similar to the car used by Steve McQueen in the film Bullet, it was drawn with graphite pencil and marker pens.

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All of the car drawing videos above have been drawn using the grid drawing method to make them as accurate and precise as possible. There are other ways to draw cars and you can find information about this in the text that supports the above videos on their own pages, think you for visiting this page.

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