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quidoo is one of the most popular websites to write for. with squidoo you can create pages (lens) about anything you like and publish it. i've been writting on squidoo for a while now and i'm really enjoying it. here is a list of the top 6 reasons why you should join squidoo.

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Express yourself

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we all have experience in one thing or another, we have different options and views. squidoo is a place for you to tell your own story. ther's no pressure on you to be a proffessional writter, so it's very easy for anyone to make a lens. tell the world what you think about a topic or just share your experince.

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Advertise yourself

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advertise your bussiness or website with squidoo. i actually joined squidoo to get traffic to my website but i got addicted and have never left. the traffic that comes from squidoo is free and trageted. squidoo has a very high rank with google so when you advertise with squidoo, you get quality backlink that will increase your website traffic and your bussiness gets top quality eexposure to potential buyers

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For Fun

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squidoo is 100% fun.the quests, the trophies and everything that squidoo has to offer is fun.just the idea of seeing your little article turn into a master piece and published immedietely makes you want to write more.

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you can learn a lot from your fellow squidoo lens masters. squidoo is filled with different people with different ideas and experience.

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Become a part of the squidoo community

The squidoo community is one of the most friendly community on the internet. it's ever growing and you too can become a part of history. i'm proud to say i'm a squidoo lens master and i'm loving it.

Top 6

To Make money online

you can also make money on squidoo, I've not made millions yet but the earning potential are good.. you earn money from royalties,affiliate stuffs sold on your lenses,adsence clicks, and you can even include your own affiliate links.

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Are you on a squidoo lens master already? if not i hoped i conviced you to join. visit the squidoo homepage and register to become a lens master. it's very easy and it takes minutes.

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