Best Review - Top 5 yugioh-deck-archetypes

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Here's a rundown of my 5 favourite current deck archetypes in YuGiOh! It's a personal choice and includes current TCG metagame deck-types and archetypes still only released for the OCG - if there are any you think should be in the list, make sure to let us know on the comments section below. Now your chance - which current archetypes do you think should make the list? Let us know here. Naturia A quick, field-swarming deck archetype, which gains strength from opponent's card summons and activations. Worm Worms are an upcoming Archetype in the Japanese OCG - watch out for these in the TCG next year! Infernity Infernity is a top-decking archetype which made it's TCG debut in Ancient Prophecy Genex Genex and its sup-archetypes have been gradually appearing in the Japanese OCG for some time now. We're finally starting to see them for the TCG now in Hidden Arsenal packs. Karakuri A new archetype making its TCG debut in Starstrike Blast, with further support coming in Storm of Ragnarok. Looks like it may eventually be great fun to play.
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I think Blackwing and

I think Blackwing and Gladiator Beast are more consistant and better than some of these.

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