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veryone loves a good war movie, especially if it's based on a real event or if there are great special effects. This is a list of my personal favourite Top 5 World War II movies.

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Top 1

The Longest Day

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This is the story of D-Day, the Normandy Invasion of 6th June 1944, which covers all the main events of the landings, from the airborne drops, the commando assaults, and the seaborne landings. With a cast of big name actors as long as your arm, it's an amazing accomplishment.

Top 2

The Great Escape

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Also with a cast of big name stars, including Steve McQueen, this tells the story of a mass escape from a Prisoner Of War Camp in Germany, and is based on a true story.

Top 3

Saving Private Ryan

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Directed by and starring Tom Hanks, this tells of the US Army efforts to locate a Private Ryan just after D-Day, since his 3 brothers have just been killed in other actions around the globe. The opening of the movie has a vividly accurate portrayal of what it was like to come ashore on Omaha Beach in one of the early waves on D-Day.

Top 4

Battle Of The Bulge

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The movie tells the story of the German counterattack in the Ardennes Forest in December of 1944, and has many good sequences. For me it is spoiled in part by the German tanks actually being post war American light tanks with crosses painted on the side, and a very low grade ending when the German tanks ran out of fuel and the Americans destroyed a fuel dump. Apart from that it's a classic.

Top 5

Tora Tora Tora

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This is a long and dramatic version of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941, and an excellent movie with great effects and a star cast.

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Well that is my favourite 5 World War II movies. If you have any other personal favourites to add to the list, please leave me a comment.

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tomradford's picture

All great films my friend...

All great films my friend... but I'd have to go for 'Where Eagles Dare' as my favorite. Longest Day is a close second...Mitcham, Wayne, Burton etc etc. Fantastic!

Teresa Schultz's picture

I think my dad really enjoyed

I think my dad really enjoyed that first war movie, The Longest Day. He also enjoys reading war books. Nice collection of war movies.

Susan52's picture

I'm sure my husband has

I'm sure my husband has watched all of these World War II movies. He loves that era and is quite a historian. Good choices!

mulberry's picture

I've seen the first three.

I've seen the first three. Tora, tora, tora might be interesting too, may have to add that to my "to see" list.

warmoviebuff's picture

Pretty good list. The top 3

Pretty good list. The top 3 are solid. "Battle of the Bulge" does not belong. Very inaccurate. I would replace it with "Enemy at the Gates". Other worthies are "When Trumpets Fade", "A Midnight Clear", "Das Boot", and "Letters from Iwo Jima".

TilenHrovatic's picture

Saving Private Ryan is my

Saving Private Ryan is my favorite movie from the list :)

History on Film's picture

While the opening of Saving

While the opening of Saving Private Ryan is amazing, the rest of the movie is riddled with inaccuracies and syrupy melodrama. A Bridge Too Far is an infinitely superior film. Personal favorites are The Dam Busters, Dunkirk and Mrs. Miniver.