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ere are the top World War 1 Stories and Pictures worth to read and worth to watch. World War 1 is considered as the most brutal War in the World, where thousands died in just months of battle. Now check the top 5 websites that tackle world war 1 stories and actions.

World War 1 Stories
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Aftermath of World War I

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In the aftermath of World War I, the political order of Europe came crashing to the ground. The German, Austro-Hungarian, and Russian empires ceased to exist, and the Ottoman Empire soon followed them into oblivion. New nations emerged, borders were radically shifted, and ethnic conflicts erupted. Victors and vanquished alike faced an enormous recovery challenge after four years of financial loss, economic deprivation, and material destruction. Amid this chaotic situation, the leaders of the victorious coalition assembled in Paris to forge a new international system that would replace the old order. The decisions they made would determine the future of Europe, and much of the rest of the world, for decades to come.

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World War 1 Battle Pictures

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World War 1 as mention by most writers is considered as the most bloody and the most expensive one, you may ask why? Hmm very simple this is the War where most countries are competing in creating new weapons and machines for war. As a matter of fact not only machines were created in World War 1, but also new strategies and armor. So here are some great new pictures of World War 1, that gives you the taste of battle and weaponry.

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Life in the trenches during World War 1

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Life in the trenches was often said to be hell on earth and nobody could ever argue to the contrary.
Death, disease, Mutilated limbs, lice, rats maggots and insects were all around those poor fighting men, who lived minute by minute hoping that the next bullet didn't have their name written on it.

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World War 1 - Battle of Somme Rare Pictures 2

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Battle of the Somme was one of the greatest battles of World War I, when the fighting had petered out in late fall of 1916, the forces involved were just over 1 million people, which in fact one of the bloodiest military operations ever.

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World War 1 - Naval Battles Photos (Battle of Jutland)

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One includes great pictures on the Battle of Jutland. World War 1 Pictures will focus on Naval Battles of the Imperial German Navy and British Royal Navy.

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