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have recently started with Wizzley (another revenue sharing site) and you might be interested to see how my articles there look like.

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SCUMM for Android

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SCUMM for Android enables you to play SCUMM Adventure Games on your favorite phone or tablet.

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Snowstorm preparation tips

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One of the first things that will go out in a case of a severe snowstorm is power. Being cold, hungry and without light in a raging snowstorm is no fun and you should stock up on some essentials if you want to endure the blizzard in a relative comfort.

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WebAnswers – Get paid to answer questions

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Writing full length, 400-500 word articles is never easy and requires concentration, inspiration and relatively hard work. On the other hand, spewing out short, 100-150 word answers to a simple (and not so simple) questions is relatively easy, does not require too much research and definitely does not take too much time. WebAnswers allows you to make some relatively easy money by writing such answers.

Top 4

What can a tablet do

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A list of 7 things that you can certainly do with your tablet.

Top 5

Windows 8 vs. Android – Battle for the tablet

Microsoft has a great chance to challenge the Android as one of the most popular tablet Operating Systems and here are just few reasons why it is bound to happen.

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