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o you like webmaster forums? I guessed so, I like them too. Personally I use mainly 3 which are digitalpoint, sitepoint and websitebabble, I'm satisfied with just digitalpoint and sitepoint, that's enough for me, I just mentionned this other one (but it's not in my top list) because I have an account there and it could be a nice place too, but I don't really use them a lot anyway.. Perhaps for SEO or to pass the time and answer some questions, that's it. Rarely I ask questions myself, but when I do usually I get useful answers.

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Digital Point

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Well it's my favorite what can I say? I've been a member there more time than at any other.
What I don't like too much is the shear amount of dumb people from India/Pakistan who can barely write english and still come to an english forum to ask "I want know about adsenc". Some posters are really dumb or if they are not they are very good actors.
But on DP you also find the best quality.
It's simple, I don't think any VIP of the internet doesn't have or never had an account at DP.

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Webmaster World

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Maybe it's good, I remember creating an account there a long time ago, but the rules were too strict, like no signature, not this not that, oh thank you but no thanks!
But it's a heavily trafficked webmaster forum, so it's number two..

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I don't know anything about this one, but it seems to be good, why don't you try and then tell me in the comment? That would be nice, thanks.

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Site Point

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Site Point is good, you don't have so much bad quality like on DigitalPoint, because they don't have nearly as many users. But you can have a signature with links, so that's good enough for me. And the quality of answers there is also really good, I think my account is about 2 or 3 years old. I like it.

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I have no idea if it's good or not, but it has a lot of traffic (Alexa rank is 2155) so it's probably for a reason.. Again, try it and tell me. Or if you know it already, tell me your opinion in the comments below, I'm all ears..

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You can see it's just a top list for fun, in fact they are the most trafficked webmaster forums, so there are a lot of people, and you find quality inside but also bad quality, because of the numerous spam and dumb threads. Especially on DigitalPoint, sometimes you wonder if the person starting the thread has a brain and if he has, what for? It's that bad, but funny at the same time.
I think those forums have huge database to hold all those messages for years..

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Great Top post. I didnn't

Great Top post. I didnn't knew about v7n. Thanks for sharing!!! :)

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Are you making a review or

Are you making a review or asking for opinions ?
anyway ..

all the forums you mentioned are good for buy/sell marketing etc .. but not good as a source of information ..

the best webmaster forum ever is
there is truly good info there .. some gurus are moderating that forum ..


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Never heard of highrankings

Never heard of highrankings forum, sorry.

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Don't review things you don't

Don't review things you don't know anything about. It's ridiculous.

Alliax's picture

Do it yourself then instead

Do it yourself then instead of criticizing my own choice of webmaster forums. You can simply register and add your own top if you feel something is wrong with mine!

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I hope you my forum will be

I hope you my forum will be once number 10 or so.. :)

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right this is the best forum

right this is the best forum