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et's get that heart rate up! We all know that the key to a fit and healthy body is getting moving, but what are the best ways to get your 30 minutes in? Here is a look at some of the best ways to slim your waist and tone your muscles!

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This should not be news to anyone, but running is a very good way to get your heart rate up. If you have access to a treadmill, you can go that route, but studies have shown that good old fashioned foot to pavement running may be better for your health. Be careful though, too much running on hard surfaces can lead to joint damage, and there is no need to run more than 20 miles per week. Best of all you can run for FREE!

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Doctor's and physical therapists are more likely to encourage you to swim than any other form of exercise. Why? Because it is full body work out that is easy on the joints. It isn't as cost effective as running, as you will need access to a lake or pool and equipment like goggles and nose plugs, but it is a calming way to get you moving. If you do not have much experience you may want to get lessons to start in order to avoid common mistakes with your form, which can make swimming more difficult.

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In order to enjoy this form of cardio, you will need a rowing machine (or if you want to get real serious a boat!). Rowing is a wonderful alternative to running for those with joint or foot issues. It is an easy way to engage the same muscles that you use jogging. Be sure to keep your back straight to avoid injuries.

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This is another great alternative for those with injuries. You can bike outside, or use a stationary bicycle indoors. It may take some time to get used to the burn in your thighs, but you can be sure that those legs will be toned and lean with enough practice. Be careful not to sit down to hard on the seat to avoid hurting your coxxys, and please, if biking outdoors, wear a helmat!

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Do you hate exercise? Do you find it monotonous and torturous? You may want to try to dance the pounds away! Dancing is not something we think of as a form of exercise, but it can make your heart race faster than anything else on this list if you put enough into it. Make a playlist of groovy songs and shake your thing! You may even have friends who are interested in joining the party!

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