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verybody wants to get rich quickly but that is just not realistic. The best to way to get rich is SLOWLY. See below for 5 simple ways to get rich slowly.

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Spend less than you make

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So simple, so important. That new 60 inch LED TV you've have your eye on, don't buy it. At least not until you have no consumer debt and can pay for it in cash.

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Create a budget

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If you keep track of your spending then you can see where all your moneyy is going. This allows you to make informed decisions regarding yor finances and provides a framework for where you need to cut back or increase your income allocation.

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Retirement savings

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Invest towards your retirement. Different people say different things on how much to contribute to your monthly plan but the important thing is that you are contributing something. The magic of compound interest can not be understated.

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Pay down your mortgage

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Insatead of buying that sparkly thing that caught your eye at the store the other day, put that money towards a lump sum payment on your mortgage. There is no real instant satisfaction in doing this but in the long term you are saving a ton of money on mortgage by paying down your home sooner.

Top 5

Supplemental Income

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Odd jobs or online income source are becoming more and more popular. A great site to write for that yields decent returns on your efforts is InfoBarrel. Write articles and receive dividends off on-page ad views. Follow this link to sign up.

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Savings and wise investments. That is the rule of thumb to get rich slowly.

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