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oIP is a cheap way to make phone calls. It is especially helpful when you want to make long distance or international phone calls, and is a great way to say money of phone calls, even when using your cell phone.

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Zenofon - Cheap Mobile Phone Calls - Invite Friends & Earn Money!

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Cheap long distance and international phone calls from your cell phone without downloads, calling cards or computers. Get started using our service with a free 30 minute trial. No contracts or hidden fees!

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Rebtel - Free Vouchers, Reviews & Information

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Rebtel Makes International Calling Cheap and Easy. International calls for the cost of a local call from your regular mobile phone and landline. No Computers, No Downloads, No Calling Cards, No Internet Connection. Great call quality, reliable lines with clear voice quality

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Rebtel Promotion

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Rebtel Vouchers Help You Save on Long Distance Calls. Rebtel is a great phone service, but you know what makes it even better? Free vouchers! We have gathered the latest and best Rebtel vouchers so you can make even cheaper long distance and international phone calls.

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SkypeIn Review - A Skype Number Disguised As A Local Land Line

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An online number - SkypeIn is perfect if you have friends, family or business colleagues who don't use Skype. Anyone can dial your online number from any phone or mobile and hey presto, your Skype rings and you pick up the call - wherever you are in the world. Continue reading our full Skypein review for more details on how to use this great service.

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VoIP - Low Cost International Calls

VoIP services generally take one of two approaches to allow people to make VOIP calls. One approach is to tell the service what number you are calling from and what number you would like to call. The service then calls both parties and connects them. The second approach is to assign special phone numbers to use instead of the normal phone number. These special numbers are controlled by the VOIP service and bypass the POTS system for the most expensive parts of the call.

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There are many VoIP phone carriers available. When choosing the right one for you, take into consideration where you will be placing your calls from, and remember that the price per calls can vary per destination. So you might choose 1, 2 or even 3 different VoIP carriers based on the circumstances.

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International Calling Service

International Calling Service from your mobile phone is easier than ever.