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f you are a collector of railroad memorabilia, then you may be interested to know what some of the most wanted railroad signs and signals are selling for on eBay. This is a list that reveals some of the recent sale prices of railroad signs that have been sold on eBay. You can see more sales prices, as well as current auction listings for railroad crossing signs for sale on my website here:

Railroad Crossing Signals for Sale

Of course, as with any collectible item, the value and worth of the railroad sign depends both on its rarity and most importantly on the condition the sign or signal is in. Another factor is the number of railroad collector who are bidding on any one piece of memorabilia in any one particular auction on eBay. But nevertheless, its interesting to look through the recent sale prices to see what has sold and the sales price. You can use this to compare the value of another piece of railroad history you wish to buy.

What's interesting with this list is that some of the highest selling prices lately on eBay haven't been signs at all, but include a telegraph insulator, stereoviews, and a keystone plate from an engine.

Railroad Crossing Signs for Sale Value Worth
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Top 1

1870s Central Pacific Railroad telegraph insulator - Sold for $5560

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This was a rare telegraph insulator embossed E. C. & M. Co S. F., which is Elecrical Construction and Maintenance Company.

Top 2

2 Stereoviews of the Central Pacific Railroad at Promontory Point May 10th 1869 - Sold for $4,985.89

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These Scenes near Great Salt Lake were photographed and published by Alfred A Hart. Both photos show the trains with rail workers and passengers on the train.

Top 3

An Original Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone Number Plate 6734 - Sold for $4,449.99

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Here's another cast iron Keystone Plate that sold for a lot of money on eBay.

Top 5

Old Antique Railroad Flask - Success to the Railroad - Sold for $3,055

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Can you believe how much some of these railroad memorabilia pieces sold for? I hope you enjoyed this list. Visit my webpage for more sale prices as well as lots of railroad memorabilia for sale here:

Railroad Memorabilia for Sale

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