Best Review - Top 5 Tow Truck Companies In Clearwater, Florida


hen your car is broken down in Clearwater, Florida, there’s no time to lose. You need to find a local tow truck company that you can rely on for fast service. A speedy and reliable tow truck company is more than a matter of convenience or price. It’s dangerous to be stuck by the roadside, so you want to find a responsive wrecker service that’s open 24/7. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 tow truck companies in the Clearwater area, so you won’t have to hunt around for them in an emergency.

Top 5 Tow Truck Companies In Clearwater, Florida
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Allways Towing - Tow Truck Company

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Allways Towing provides ‘round the clock service in the Clearwater area. They’re located on busy Highway 19, which is important when time is of the essence. A central location cuts down of the amount of time that a tow truck company will take to reach you in an emergency.

In addition to all types of towing service, Allways provides roadside assistance. In many cases, your car doesn’t need to be towed to a repair yard if you can get a little bit of help. Allways will provide you with gasoline if you’ve run out, or a jump-start if your battery is dead. If you have a flat tire and are unable to change it yourself, you can call Allways tow truck company and they’ll offer assistance any time of the day or night, seven days a week. They also tow motorcycles, another bonus. Call them at (727) 493-5515

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Sunstate Wrecker Service

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If you’re driving a larger than average vehicle, you might encounter extra problems finding a tow truck company that can handle your problem. Sunstate has 24-hour service, and they have heavy-duty equipment that can tow the largest trucks. Their big wreckers can even flip over a full-sized dump truck that’s overturned. Commercial truck drivers can incur liabilities if their trucks block traffic for long periods, so Sunstate is a great service to call. (813) 874-9895

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Duffy’s 24 Hour Towing Company is located in Pinellas Park. They offer 24/7 towing service in the Clearwater, Florida area. They don’t offer as much as some other businesses if you require roadside assistance instead of a regular tow, but they respond to calls quickly and are helpful and friendly. They also tow motorcycles on their flatbed truck. (727) 545-7019

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Coastal Tow Truck Company

Coastal serves the Saint Petersburg area with 24-hour service, although they are closed on Sunday nights. They have a fleet of flatbed trucks that can handle cars or motorcycles, and they even have a junk car reclamation business that will make you an offer on your disabled car if it can’t be repaired. They accept all major credit and debit cards, which is another plus when you’re caught on the road unexpectedly.

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KnowTow is a specialist in motorcycle towing in the Clearwater area. Motorcycles are a popular form of transportation in sunny Florida, and they require special handling when they’re being towed. KnowTow knows exactly how to handle your motorcycle without causing additional damage when it needs a tow. (727) 391-9308

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