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arents evenings are often viewed by teachers as a horrible chore, making you stay in school for a 12/13 hour day, having to speak to parents, a few of whom will forget what you said as soon as they leave the table. However, we all agree they are a neccesary evil. Parents are an incredibly important part of the education process and according to the DFES should be viewed as 'vital partners' in the education of their child.
A parents evening can be a daunting thing, so I have put together some tips here to hopefully make it a more successful evening.

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Before the evening starts, think about what you want to achieve from the evening. Are there any specific things you want to discuss with particular parents? Is Johnny regularly forgettting to hand his homework in? Or is Susan too busy adjusting her make-up to take an active part in the lesson? Make sure you have some notes handy and you know who you are expecting to meet for each pupil. It’s not a great start addressing Mr and Mrs Brown in front of you, then finding out it’s actually Mr Brown and Miss Jones.

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Start with a hand shake

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Greet the parents with a hand shake and your name. It creates a professional start and helps make sure you have the correct parents in front of you.

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Positive comments

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Start and end with positive comments and fit all the bad stuff in the middle. This allows you to leave the parents with a good impression of their child’s education without having to miss out or gloss over the parts that need improving.

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Information is a two-way thing

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The parents will come to the evening wanting to hear how their child is progressing, but the evening is also an excellent opportunity for you to find out more about the child. E.g. are they having particular difficulties at home which may be affecting their school life? What is the parents’ approach to getting their child to do homework? A child’s school problems can often come from problems at home, but remember to be tactful when asking.

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Keep the meeting brief

You will probably have many sets of parents to see and a tight schedule to be met. If the parents want to speak in more detail about something, invite them back another evening where they can have more time to talk over things with you.

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