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ome of my favorite creatures to watch in an aquarium are the jellyfish. They float so gracefully with long tendrils trailing so delicately. They are mesmerizing and fun to photograph. Jellyfish look harmless, but are quite the opposite.

Jellyfish stings
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Jellyfish are Dangerous and can be lethal

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Jellyfish are considered one of the most dangerous species of marine life. They are relatively simple creatures and no brain and a strong survival instinct. When touched, their toxin is released faster than a bullet leaving a gun. You can try to out swim them, but they can wrap their long tentacles around your neck, waist, or leg and leave what looks and feels like a burn.

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Urinating on jellyfish Stings does not help.

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The best thing you can do if you are stung by a jellyfish is to apply vinegar. The acetic acid in the vinegar disables the nemocysts that have not yet been discharged. Then try removing the tentacles with a towel. If the stings are widespread or patient is in extreme pain, seek immediate emergency care. Warm others about the jellyfish being in the water. Signs can be put up if there is an influx of jellyfish to keep everyone safe.

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Kinds of Jellyfish

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Box jellyfish belong to the species phylum Cnidaria and can be extremely poisonous. Not all jellyfish are this dangerous, but they can cause a lot of pain. Sea Nettle jellyfish have 24 tentacles that can reach up to six feet. A beautiful creature is the lion's man jellyfish. They can grow up to eight feet in diameter and their tentacles can reach over 100 feet. The common one seen in an aquarium is the moon jellyfish. They are less lethal than other jellyfish, but can cause pain. Cannonballl jellyfish are docile and rarely both humans.The one you should really be wary of is the Portuguese Man o’ War. They are actually a colony of organisms. The sting from this beauty is like a whip mark and can cause fever and shock. It may also stop the lungs from functioning and the heart from working. There is a tiny creature called the Irukandji Jellyfish. One sting hurts, but many stings can be deadly. The most deadly jellyfish is called the Sea Wasp box Jellyfish. They have microscopic darts filled with demon.

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The Nature of Jellyfish

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Jellyfish arrive seven to 20 days after a full moon. They often swim in clusters and are attracted to light. They are very strong swimmers and travel towards the shore to spawn at night. To be safe, it is best to swim during the day and be on the lookout for little bubbles. Our grandson was stung by a jellyfish on a vacation in Hawaii but, thankfully it was not too bad.

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Protect Yourself if you Swim at Night

Wear bodysuits and dive gloves if you swim at night. You may be able to see the jellyfish. They look like transparent plastic bags with pink threads.

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Although jellyfish are fun to watch, they can be noxious or lethal when touched.

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