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ith the end of the winter comes the hardest part for almost any bodybuilder. It is the time to set up a load of restrictions and become a nutcase about your appearance. Below is a list of the supplements that you should put in your menu and step by step eliminate the calorie-heavy snacks.

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Vitamins are the basic ingredients in all nutrition, really. They are present in large varieties and proportions in fruits and vegetables. It is very important to take them more often as the summer is getting close, because the winter diet undermines them.

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L-carnitine plays a major part in helping you burn fat. This ingredient effectively manages the storage of body fats by preserving the “good” kinds and condemning the “bad” ones for cardio workouts.

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Amino acids

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Amino acids are exactly what you need if you want to keep your muscles in perfect shape. They help recover what you lost during the hard training session including torn fibers.

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Green tea

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has been known for its healing abilities for thousands of years. You should include it more often in your summer diet as it is a great natural fat burner. Green tea has traces of caffeine which stimulate the reduction of calories. It also acts as a diuretic which helps you get rid of the excess water in your system; and leaves you with a shredded body.

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Whey protein

is when the cavalry comes marching in. It is the “mother” of energy. Take it when you need brute power the most, but do not overdose your diet with it. It might get you more mass than you signed up for.

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