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hese are my Top 5 Squidoo pages that I earned money from in June 2011. Squidoo pays out your earnings 60 days later to make sure buyers didn't return items, and because they are not immediately paid from Amazon, eBay, Google Adsense, and other affiliate programs they partner with. So these are the June 2011 earnings that was paid out to me on August 11, 2011. I earned a total of $225.04, but these top Squidoo pages gave me most of that money. I won't bore you with the details of all the ones that only made me $0.31!
Total June 2011 Squidoo Earnings = $225.04

Squidoo is a free writing platform where you can earn online income and Make Money with Squidoo from a variety of sources including ad revenue share and affiliate commissions from Amazon, eBay, Zazzle, Cafepress, and more. You can also set up a Squidoo page just to get commission from your eBay purchases you make from your own page. Read about how to do this on my Squidoo page:
Get Paid for eBay purchases on Squidoo.

How to Make Money with Squidoo - Squidoo Earnings Report
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Top 1

Old Coke Machines for Sale

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June 2011 Squidoo Earnings Total: $95.62
eBay Sale Commissions $59.54, Ad Pool $31.40, InfoLinks $3.74, Chitika $.94

Top 2

Retro Coke Shop

Best Review 6138

June 2011 Squidoo Earnings Total: $77.39
Ad Pool $31.40, eBay Sale Commissions $28.12, Amazon Commissions $15.01, InfoLinks $3.74, Chitika $0.94

Top 3

Best Selling Mens Watches

Best Review 6138

June 2011 Squidoo Earnings Total: $16.33
Amazon $10.20, Ad Pool $5.34, InfoLinks $0.64, Chitika $0.16

Top 4

Old Coke Coolers

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June 2011 Squidoo Earnings Total: $13.27
Ad pool $5.34, InfoLinks $3.74, eBay commissions $4.03, Chitika $0.16

Top 5

Make Money with Squidoo

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Read here about How to Make Money with Squidoo from lessons I've learned along the way. This page also includes my Squidoo Earnings Report.

*****Updated Total Earnings on Squidoo:
July $261.24
August $405.56
September $542.07
October $539.28
November $1034.89 (early Christmas shoppers?).
Read my full report here: Squidoo Earnings Report

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If you would like to start writing on Squidoo and earning money online, you can join Squidoo for free here. If you join through this link, drop me a note and I'll try to help you out in your Squidoo journey so you can be on your way to earning an online income! Please take note, that the four Squidoo pages that I listed above made me $202.61 in one month. So it doesn't take a lot of Squidoo pages to make money, it just takes ones that get good targeted traffic. I use Market Samurai to tell me which keywords get the most traffic with the least amount of competition, so that I can get on the first page of Google and get traffic to my pages.

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