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ll animal lovers can remember the special pets they have loved and have been conditionally loved by them in return. These are the Squidoo Lenses I have written in their behalf. I wanted people to understand exactly why they were so special and worthy of love.

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My Puppy Mill Puppy, Abigail

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This is the story of my Abigail. She is a gorgeous Golden Retriever. I have had her since she was 5 weeks old. She has had every problem a puppy mill puppy can have, and more. But she is the most devoted and loving and perfect best friend anyone could ask for. She is my love.

I may not have her for much longer, Her years are long, but we are making every minute count.

I invite you to get to know my Abigail.

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The Amazing Story of Isabel - A dog that became paralyzed but wouldn't give up

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Isabel is the beautiful female black Belgium sheepdog mix that my husband Jim and I got from the rescue league 2 weeks after the death of our golden retriever Nicolas.

We went to the rescue league because we wanted to be sure to get a dog that wasn't purebred and therefore would have none of their problems.(We could not have been more wrong) We weren't willing to take the chance of having anything go wrong with our new baby.

We neither one believed we would survive Nicki's death, but Isabel helped to save us. This is her story.

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Newest Family Member-Foxy! Our Rescued Barn Cat

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My husband Jim and I had the most noble reason for getting a new kitty...or so we thought.
Our paralyzed Belgium Sheep Dog, Isabel, is...well...paralyzed, and it does not seem right to us that she should be alone. Since Jim and I are still working, she has to spend long hours alone.

Of course right now she is kept company by our precious dog Abigail. But Abigail is very old and is getting older by the day. She has so many things wrong with her and it is obvious that she will not be with us much longer.

So we cleverly thought that we would get a kitty, to become Isabel's new best friend. A puppy would not do since the puppy would take the attention away from Bell and would require all the effort that goes into training and socializing a puppy. Anyway you look at it, Bell would take a back seat and that is NOT the plan.

So a kitten is the perfect answer. She will be her new friend, she requires no training, she will not take the attention away from Isabel. And Bell will not be alone.

So we got a new kitty, Foxy...Then we stopped kidding ourselves

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Foxy The Rescued Barn Kitty - A Dog's Best Friend

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Foxy had a really big job to do, And really big shoes to fill. In 2001 we got our beautiful Rescued Belgium Sheepdog, Isabel. In 2006 she was injured that resulted in paralysis. For her entire life she had a best friend and companion Abigail.

But in 2009 our Abigail died and Isabel, now paralyzed, was left alone. Both my husband and I work and so she would have to be in the house by herself with no one to talk to.

What are we to do?

She needed a companion. But a puppy seemed cruel, since the puppy would be able to run and play. We were not willing to do that and divert the attention away from Isabel. So we decided on a kitten.

We rescued our Foxy, in 2009, after we got her back to good health our hopes were that she and Isabel would become fast friends.

We were not disappointed and neither was Isabel. It was a match made in heaven.

Top 5

Jacob My Love-My Black Capped Caique Parrot

Jacob is eleven inches from the tip of his tail to the top of his head. He is a very handsome fellow. And I am crazy about him.

Ours didn't start out as a love affair, We had some real learning curves to deal with. I say "we" just to be kind to myself. But the fact of the matter is. He allowed me to remain in his good graces after I made one mistake after another.

He is a parrot. A wild bird. He is not my baby, my cutie, my toy, my playmate, my friend. He is a bird. It took me two years to learn that. Fortunately I can say today I have mastered the learning curve and my ten fingers and toes and two ear lobes and cheeks, remain intact.

Here is our story of how we became a family.

Do you like this top?

These are my loves. Some are gone, some are still with me, some have had a rough road to walk. But all of them are special and deserving and the best friends anyone could ever ask for.

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Great review list on the

Great review list on the animal friends you have loved.

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Great review list on the

Great review list on the animal friends you have loved.