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he small village and harbour of Polperro in Cornwall is world famous for being one of the most picturesque places in the UK. Polperro is a major tourist attraction, with it's narrow streets and old buildings. The village is on the South West Coast of England.

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The Walk Down To The Village

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Polperro is only accessible on foot, unless you are delivering or have a license to drive there. The downhill walk is almost half a mile and takes you past some very quaint old buildings.

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Entering The Village Of Polperro

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The walk into the village of Polperro takes you past more old buildings, over a stream, then down to the harbour.

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The Harbour At Polperro

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The harbour at Polperro is very scenic, and these pictures show it at low tide. As well as fishing boats and pleasure boats, with the tide being out, people have driven out into the harbour to work on their boats.

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The Beach And Harbour Walls In Polperro

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There is a lovely beach outside the harbour at Polperro. The harbour is typical of many small Cornish fishing havens, with solid stone walls, built to protect the fishing fleet from the elements.

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Picturesque Houses In The Village Of Polperro

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The final part of the tour shows some of the unique houses and other buildings in the village of Polperro in Cornwall.

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I hope you enjoyed your tour of Polperro and if you haven't been there, I hope you can make it one day. Cornwall is a wonderful place to visit with it's quaint little villages, and wonderful Cornish Pasties too.

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Love the photos. England is

Love the photos. England is such a gorgeous place. I loved London!