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an you think of a relaxing posture despised by athletes all over the world, but loved by a normal human being? If you were thinking about sitting, then you got it right. If you were living under the stone, then it's time to face few facts. Doctors have proven that sitting continuously for longer duration can damage your body permanently. In some rare cases, it could kill you too. Scientific studies have not revealed these specific positions, but we have spotted few of them. Here is the list of top 5 sitting positions that could kill you. In particular you

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Slouching is a sitting position where we can find ourselves guilty. A majority of us slouch unintentionally causing havoc to our body. Slouching puts additional load on your abdominal area and makes your back stiff. Slouching is one such sitting positions to avoid as it could result in digestion problems, puts pressure on lower abdominal internal organs.
Sitting for long hours in this position can legitimately kill you. So, slouching is the first sitting positions that could kill you.

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Leaning back for the support makes sense while you are in a car or an aeroplane. But sitting for long hours in the same chair can cause trouble. In leaning back sitting position, you are resting your back making an angle. The angle is primarily responsible for tilting your pelvis which could be both exterior or interior. Leaning back is one such sitting positions to avoid.

Maybe you would not fell its a big deal, but indirectly it is one of those sitting positions that could kill you.

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If you do not know anything about Japanese culture, then you probably missed out on safest sitting position. Japanese people kneel while sitting keeping their backs straight. On the flip side, sitting for long hours with sprawled back on the floor can mess your spine. Sprawled back is one of these sitting positions that could kill you at ease.
Instead of putting your health in jeopardy, seek better alternatives. Sprawled Back on the floor is one of those sitting positions to avoid on this list.

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Psychologically, the focal point of your eyes can determine a lot about your personality. But healthwise, if your focal point is above or below its baseline while working on a computer, phone, and Television, then you are hurting your neck.

Dangling focal point sitting position could cause a lot of problems. Sitting for long hours can put the neck in jeopardy. Dangling focal point is one such sitting positions to avoid.

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So, the last entry on the list of Sitting positions that could kill you is a lower seat. This sitting position can simultaneously effect your pelvis, spine, and neck. Sitting for long hours in a lower seat can cause health concussions. Lower seat position could affect three major parts of your body. So, it is better recommended to avoid it.

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