Best Review - Top 5 Signs that you and your partner are financially compatible


ow you handle your cash could be make or break.

Compatibility can exist on many different levels, from politics and belief systems through to diet and entertainment choices. When you’re looking at someone as a potential partner it’s important to find out where you’re compatible and where you’re not. Some signs of incompatibility won’t be a deal breaker but when it comes to how you both handle your finances, if you’re not on a similar level, this could make or break the relationship. So, what are the indicators of financial compatibility between romantic partners?

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Similar debts

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If you’ve both lived your life so far with minimal - or no debt - then you clearly have a similar mindset when it comes to borrowing. Conversely, if you both have a lot of debt then – although combining all that debt could make for a challenging relationship on a practical level – at least you both have the same mindset. The difficulties come when debt levels are very different – one partner has a lot and the other has little or none. Not only can this cause arguments over the practical implications but it also shows that you think about debt very differently.

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You spend money on the same things

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Compatibility in terms of financial priorities can provide a firm foundation for a happy relationship. If you both like to spend big on your car then there will be few resentments if a chunk of the monthly budget is going on engine parts. If travel, clothes or experiences are a priority for both of you then you’re not going to have much trouble when it comes to allocating a shared monthly budget to what you love.

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The saving habits you have are similar

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You don’t have to have exactly the same amount in savings to be financially compatible with someone, it’s more about the habits. Do you both put a proportion of your earnings aside every month for savings? If you do then there is financial compatibility in terms of making saving a priority, as opposed to one partner spending everything they have as soon as it hits the account and the other trying to put cash aside.

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You both like to budget

When you meet a new partner it’s useful to try and get an idea of how they manage their money. If you’re very keen on budgeting and they are just spending what comes in, as and when it suits them, then your financial styles are very different. If you’re both on the same page when it comes to budgeting then shared finances will be easier and you’ll be able to help each other manage what you have more effectively.

Top 5

There are shared financial goals

There are some things in life that require money to make them happen – and many of these come up regularly in relationships. Buying a home, having children and getting married are three financial goals that are also often couple goals. If you both have the same financial goals then the chances are that you’re pretty financially compatible because you’re both working towards the same things in life.

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