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elf-storage is one of those things we love to hate but it's something we all need at some point in our lives. I even know plenty of people who have a permanent self-storage unit that they use as an extension of their home storage space, especially if they don't have a garage or a loft. But mostly we use it when we are moving house, re-locating, down-sizing etc. so we are already doing something stressful and expensive and my pet hate is that the pricing is not clear so it's really hard to compare what you are paying at different facilities. So many of them have special offers for the first few weeks and then revert to an expensive weekly rate. Others let you start at a low rate but have the right to put up their charges with just a month's notice (and often do).

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There are a number of things I like about this London self-storage company - they don't actually have those "first 4 weeks free" type of special offer but there prices are really competitive and it's easy to see what you'll be paying over a period of time because their prices are always the same and are fixed for 5 years. If you want they will even come and collect your stuff for you and that's a free service of you store for more than 6 months. They are friendly and helpful and I used them a lot when I used to live in London.

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Bee Stored

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Since I moved down to the South Coast I have found these guys to be really helpful and friendly; there is always someone around to help lift anything heavy and for a while I stored some of the stock I sell on eBay here and it was always easy to pop in whenever I needed to, even on a Saturday. Not any other places with indoor storage rooms have week-end access in this area. There pricing is also very clear and competitive and, as well as collection, they will even do the packing for you.

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Fort Box

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Another self storage company I used regularly when I lived in London in a small apartment so I used to keep some of my seasonal stuff there: Christmas tree and decorations, ski gear and other winter gear that there just wasn't room for at home. Best thing about these guys was the free van collection – but that was only available at certain times and on certain self storage units.

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Space Maker

An invaluable facility when I was renovating a house near Exeter and had to store all my furniture while I rented a short-term, furnished apartment. Again helpful and friendly with clear pricing and no nasty price hikes like I've experienced at short notice with some of the big name self storage providers.

Top 5


Some great student deals if you don't want to cart all your stuff home at the end of the academic year, but equally good for home owners moving or re-locating and for small eBay businesses that have out-grown the space at home. Some of their sites are open 24/7 if you are a night owl.

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I have used my fair share of self-storage providers over the years but these are my Top 5 favourites – they are not necessarily the cheapest but are places with good customer service, clean, secure storage units, and (most importantly for me) clear pricing.

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