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f you are a frequent user of the Internet and you have your own email address, then certainly you also receive a handful of daily unsolicited emails from unknown recipients. It`s fundamental to identify those which are only attempts to scam people.

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Money Transfers

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This kind of emails trying to convince you that you`ll receive great amounts of money must be ignored... even if you really needed that money!

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Naked Women Photos

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Women trying to convince you that they are interested in you and offering to send naked photos are most likely men trying to get some money from you... if you really need naked woman photos try search for them on the internet, you`ll be surprised!

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Online Lotteries

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If you did not apply for any lottery or contest then don`t expect that email to be true... never provide personal informations!

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Your Account is in Danger

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If you got an email apparently sent by a well know website (banks, etc.) or email provider and it doesn`t have your name or other relevant information about yourself then it`s probably another scam... never reply or send informations like user name, passwords or any other info for that matter!

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RE: private loan company

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Emails that look like a reply from an email you sent can frequently be a scam attempt. Make sure you confirm the email from where it was sent... no matter if the email tells that you have be granted a big loan!

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Never open any email from any unsolicited source. If you do not know the sender, trash the email without opening it.
Use latest anti-virus, anti spam and anti spyware software to protect your computer before opening any email from unknown senders.
Never respond to any spam/scam email as the moment they come to know that your email is active and you are using it they will start sending tens of more emails daily.

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