Best Review - Top 5 Saeco Espresso Machine Sellers In Toronto


ne thing that is synonymous with the city of Toronto is its high consumption of caffeine, and in view of this fact, espresso machines are always in great demand among the city's inhabitants. So do you intend to get the very best from your coffee? The espresso machine is your best shot towards achieving that goal.

Below are there top 5 companies you can rely on to get quality espresso machines.

Top 5 Saeco Espresso Machine Sellers In Toronto
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Anthony Espresso

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Anthony’s Espresso is a famous company with roots from bella Italia. Notably, the company has been in business since the turn of the century and it boast of a lot of quality products which includes the espresso machine. As a matter of fact, this company provides services to residents of Ontario and also other parts of Canada. And in addition, they also have a lot of automatic and manual espresso machines in order to meet its client's residential, semi-professional or commercial purposes. In fact, as a result of the company's great expertise in Espresso machines, it became the preferred warranty centre for Philips-Saeco.

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With the company's great track record of bringing espresso and cappuccino to Canada for more than half a century, it is quite safe to say that Faema is one of those top notch companies whose services has never been in doubt. And in order to highlight the reliability of their products to customers, the company offers its numerous customers an opportunity to test its products before paying for them. That way customers are guaranteed of the quality of the product they are paying for before making payments. Furthermore, at Faema, customers are given the choice of choosing either Giotto and Jura espresso grinders or any of its traditional and super-automatic models in stock.

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Green Beanery

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The Green Beanery renowned for large collection of beans, its non-profit orientation and also their unmatched ethical approach to coffee. But in addition to these services the company also offer espresso machines to its customers, these espresso machines include Bunn, Krups and Saeco.

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Espresso Planet

Espresso Planet has a massive 5,000 square feet showroom, and inside this showroom, you will find over 1,000 products that range from simple drip and filter coffee machines, to other accessories like cleaning supplies for coffee makers. And most importantly, they also have in this showroom a vast collection of pump-driven and super-automatic espresso machines. As a matter of fact, the espresso planet is where you will find single-serve espresso makers in portable system and also porcelain cups. Now you know why this place is called the Espresso Planet!

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La Strada

La Strada boast of classic espresso machine brands like Saeco, inventors of super-automatic espresso machines. Other notable brands are Gaggia, Jura, as well as the fire-engine-red, gorgeously retro Francis models. Why the LA Strada is often held in high regards is the fact that, apart from the sales of these machines, the company also offers routine maintenance and repair for your espresso machines and all its other accessories.

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