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Most people value American made guitars over Japanese made guitars - and they should. Nobody makes superior acoustic guitars than do our top American Manufacturers of acoustic instruments. But there are some very good Japanese made acoustic guitars out there, and I hope to get started telling you about the ones that I'm familiar with. I hope that if I haven't taught you something about Japanese acoustic guitars, then at least you found some entertainment. Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Yamaha acoustic guitars are very common. There are three major series of these guitars, and you can learn about them by reading the information in the link. Yamaki Acoustic Guitars Yamaki Acoustic Guitars aren't in production any longer, and most of them are very, very good guitars - if you can find them. The Jasmine Model Acoustic Guitar by Takamine There are actually several models by the same name, and all of them are inexpensive but sound guitars. C.F. Mountain Acoustic Guitars, Ethics, and Opinions The very name "C.F. Mountain" is an abomination - as it mocks C.F. Martin, the oldest company in the United States of America, but "Mountain" goes further by making their emblem on the guitar's headstocks look almost identical to Martin's. Still, I'm assured that some of these are outstanding guitars. The Fender F series, specifically the F 65 Acoustic Guitar Everyone knows about Fender, and mostly they know about their fine electric guitars. Fender does make some damn fine acoustic guitars, and I have one of them, an F 65, and these are, in fact, made in Japan.
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